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  1. Elbert Dockery

    Best Slowlane Job Recommendations?

    Ill also say stick with the sales lane. Doing almost any kind of high ticket sales or something you can sell at huge volume. Especially since your looking to still be a business owner. You could always go into being some kind of broker as well lol....those positions are usually well paid...
  2. Elbert Dockery

    A sales tip for techies

    I really enjoy reading your post Andy. This message only speaks volume! This also should be applied to techies whom are self employed since they themselves are the business. Freelancers who are techies should know sales. For me personally as a fellow SAAS owner generating revenue is the main...
  3. Elbert Dockery

    Retail Strip Center Sold

    Congrats @SteveO I also would like to get into commercial real estate. Its great to hear your commercial property actually cashed flow and it appears you made some nice money off the sale thanks to appreciation. Do you have any thoughts of going commercial overseas? Are you planning to get...
  4. Elbert Dockery

    O/T: HEALTH Eating foods that are "alive"

    What he said was true about your cells....hence why fasting is so big in the world except in the western parts of the world. We have to give our body real rest sometimes and allow the body to naturally heal and detox itself. The body heals itself at the cellular level. its called autophagy...
  5. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Thank you everyone who is participating in this via answers and questions. Both are helpful. My questions are: How do you offer upsells with a SAAS company? When is a good time to sell for a nice valuation? What processes are needed to be put in place to reduce fees during the M&A? SAAS...
  6. Elbert Dockery

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    is it because of your diet? Or did you injure yourself and your knees got bad? Tumeric helps a lot you can increase the amounts...but you want to also not eat fulls that lead to inflammation such as a lot of diary, sweets, heavily processed foods, etc....if your eat a lot of junk then taking...
  7. Elbert Dockery

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    The first and most important is to get your nutrient from real food. Anyway. I take black cumin seeds, turmeric powder, vitamin D3, aloe Vera capsules , biotin capsules, L-Arginine and L-Glutamine before and after I workout. Sea Kelp for iodine, and of course spirulina and chorella Lastly...
  8. Elbert Dockery

    Business Operators VS. Business Owners

    Thanks for the info. This thread should for sure become gold. Operator vs owner. Or some people can be both, transiting more into either one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Elbert Dockery

    Help with Structuring Licensing Deal

    Well that was my bit of confusion. Because to Me in my opinion. I thought the licensor got paid a little more since they own the Intellectual property. I know the licensee does more Work. But it’s just how my mind wondered. I haven’t done any licensing deal so I wouldn’t know thanks. Sent...
  10. Elbert Dockery

    Anyone experienced in patenting and licensing?

    I would like to know about this as well. Also, reading in another thread about licensing it appears Stephen Key use to post on here then suddenly stopped...... GOLD! - The Licensing Game
  11. Elbert Dockery

    Help with Structuring Licensing Deal

    So, question.....which side usually has the better end of the deal? The licensee or licensor?
  12. Elbert Dockery

    Any book with focus on revenue models?

    I personally don’t think licensing(if your the licensor) is the same as a subscription base model(I. E. SAAS, pharmaceuticals, an amazon order every month) Licensing your product, your being paid royalties based on sales of the licensee. Or however the licensing agreement is done, because you...
  13. Elbert Dockery


    I juice as well. Its very benefitcal for your health. I do: Kale Cucumber Spinach Coconut Water Turmeric Ginger Lemon or Lime Pineapple or Banana for balancing the taste Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds Sometimes Pumpkin Seeds Bottom line, to have your health at a high level......Tons of Omega 3s...
  14. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    I personally think this thread should be gold if not notable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Elbert Dockery

    O/T: HEALTH Vegan / Vegetarian Lifestyle Discussion

    Wow its great to see a thread on this. I am not 100% vegetarian but every other day I either fast for 24 hours or I will become vegetarian. The other days I try to eat as clean as possible. I eat meat but not as often as most people do. I keep sugar and processed foods to a minimum.The only pork...
  16. Elbert Dockery

    Starting a Web Hosting Business from Scratch - Not Reseller

    Running your own server hosting business is going be expensive regardless. Your electric bill is going be high as well due to the server always having to be ran. Not to mention the amount of heat its going generate...... Also do you have the funds to purchase a server with decent power? Even if...
  17. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! The Licensing Game

    Not a problem. I have been extremely busy with many things and will soon make a thread. I think with as many gold threads as there is....there is plenty of opportunities to combine different business models/strategies for your business. In order to generate revenue for your business. But I...
  18. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! The Licensing Game

    WOW....I cant believe i have missed this thread after all this time. thanks everyone for all your contributions. my mind is flowing with ideas specifically, combining licensing with SAAS.
  19. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! Intro, AMA, and a Recent Sale for $6M of

    @lludwig congrats. I love reading these types of threads on how people worked and worked and finally achieved what they worked so hard for attain. I myself have been lurking a lot lately and trying so many different things lately within my business.
  20. Elbert Dockery

    GOLD! How to create monetary wealth in just 5 years. (Or less!)

    @MJ DeMarco Im very surprise you start getting active on your Youtube again lol. Anyway great content as usual. I aspire to provide as much value to many others like you have.
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