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  1. DustinH

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    I like Grant. I love the 10X Rule. I read at least 2x/year. He's a motivational speaker. He gets me motivated when I listened to him. Does his message have answers to my long-term problems? No. Does his high-level energy seep through my iphone into my ears and get me juiced for the day? Yes! Is...
  2. DustinH

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    Just wanted to share this. One of friends here in the area is building his own rental platform. It's called AirGym (AirGym) and it's targeted at people who: a) have home gyms and want to let someone from out of town use it, or b) small, local crossfit/regular gyms who want to let someone from...
  3. DustinH

    I just put my house up for sale and no one I know understands why

    Awesome! Congrats I like the minimalist approach to life. You don’t need all that stuff.
  4. DustinH

    Best Video Editing Software for YouTube in 2019?

    I think you can adjust the rendering speed by adjusting the resolution of the your video editing window. I think it helps the encode the video timeline faster. There might be other quick and easy methods for speeding up your workflow in PP Maybe like this:
  5. DustinH

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    Yeah, I've lived all over the Southeast. I know just about every little nook and cranny. You name a small town in the Southeast and there's a good chance I've been there or heard of it. Nashville is probably the most expensive real estate market in the SouthEast. It's good from a sales...
  6. DustinH

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    I was actually curious where @Connor was. :) I knew you were in Alaska and have been in real estate a long time. @Connor only has Southeastern US in his profile. Just curious how close he is to me.
  7. DustinH

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    Just out of curiosity, what market are you in?
  8. DustinH

    O/T: HEALTH Any Powerlifters/Weightlifters that lift heavy?

    Omega-3's help with inflammation rather than having to take Advil (or worse) on a daily basis. You have to take the fish oil consistently. They have orange and lemon flavored fish oils (non-rancid too) at places like Vitamin Shoppe. When I take it consistently I always feel better. The problem...
  9. DustinH

    Spending 100k on townhouse, good or bad?

    So, has your market gone down already? My understanding is that real estate all over Canada heading toward or already in a downturn. I know Edmonton isn't as volatile as Toronto or Vancouver but it is always a systemic effect. If so, then buy. I would put 20%-30% down and put it on a 30-year...
  10. DustinH

    NOTABLE! The [SCRIPTED] Vault (Dogmatic Social Engineering)

    Market Watch is definitely an outlet that gets paid to peddle this Wall Street dogma
  11. DustinH

    MEETUPS Fastlane Luncheon, Scottsdale AZ, April 4

    I will be there in spirit. I think I'm coming back to Scottsdale in July. I plan on bringing my fire-retardant heat suit so my body doesn't char after 3 seconds from being outside.
  12. DustinH

    INTRO Physician Intro

    Welcome. Stop apologizing for not wanting to follow the status quo. You're having conflicting feelings of the "sunken cost" syndrome. You think because you spent 4 years of med school, 3-4 years of residency, and half a million dollars that you "must" do ER medicine. That's the sunken cost...
  13. DustinH

    When do you realize you are getting sold (Scammed)

    1) Anytime someone wants to offer me something for free. I know this because it's a tactic that I will use in marketing! "Hey local residents, come check out our free seminar on real estate investing." "Our financial planning office is offering you a free dinner at the local steak house."...
  14. DustinH

    Hey! Another guy from Nashvegas! That makes 3 of us on here.

    Hey! Another guy from Nashvegas! That makes 3 of us on here.
  15. DustinH

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    San Diego is awesome! ...but ask yourself this. Is San Diego a good place to buy rental property? Does San Diego fit into my business goals? It might fit into your goals. I don't know. These are just questions I would ask myself if I was in your situation. (which we were about 6 years ago...
  16. DustinH

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    How about a change of scenery and moving from NY to somewhere more business friendly, lower cost of living, AND is a good place for buying rentals. Arizona or Florida come to mind as good places to go. A new place might help you cut expenses while also focusing on your business without typical...
  17. DustinH

    OFF-TOPIC Textbook example of lack of market validation, from 1996

    Just what we all need. Buy a whole new computer just to send your email. Just watched some other videos on his YT channel. Strange channel but I guess he manufactures those animatronic animals? The comments look strange too. They look fake to me. If their not fake then there is weird people...
  18. DustinH

    If You Have Google Voice You Should Read

    I don't like Google Voice. It's interface is impossible to navigate and change settings. I have a couple different Gmail addresses and it's near impossible to switch between the two Voice accounts associated with each email. So, now I use my Voice number to give to people who I know will cold...
  19. DustinH

    WEB SCHOOL Best web design for SEO?

    This was my understanding and why I chose to build my website with Genesis framework and a Genesis Child Theme. From my research, page loading speed, mobile friendliness, simple optimized code, and no code "bloat" were things that Google's indexing looks for to have a more optimized website. I'm...
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