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  1. Yzn

    Real Estate How to build a $12billion Private Real Estate Investment firm from scratch?

    With a name like Ashkenazy, he's probably got a powerful network behind him :hilarious::hilarious:
  2. Yzn

    NOTABLE! What would you tell your 25 year old self?

    I'm 25 years old but I would advice my 22 years old to get a job after graduating. Save the hell out of your salary and spend nothing besides what you need. CREATE A BUSINESS THAT FOLLOWS THE NECST RULES. OR ELSE STICK TO YOUR JOB UNTIL YOU DO. A business that requires that in order for you...
  3. Yzn

    BOOK FU Money by Dan Lok, must be MJ's twin brother

    He's got some good points but mostly the same shit all over the internet. Same with Tai Lopez, he's got some good points but says the same shit as everyone else. Nothing "revolutionary" like MJ's book. The NECST, how to create and skew value and many more etc.
  4. Yzn

    Solve Real Problems

    Great post. Basically TMF in action.
  5. Yzn

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    I would like to make a comment here. Whilst yes grocery is a need, however remmember that in an economic crisis/recession that means the oil/gas will go up, which means at least in my developing country the government will increase electricity costs, which again means a cut in your profits...
  6. Yzn

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    I see. Well I just randomly got the link to backup the post, I actually got the dollar crashing from a book called Currency Wars where he predicts that if the Chinese and the Russian base their currencies back on Gold, they will eventually crash the Dollar. Recommended to read. The book is by...
  7. Yzn

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    Golden post. Therefore military action on China/Russia if it requires it? "We are looking at a global economic crisis leading to stagflation. The evolving bilateral technological, trade, economic, IP rights, political and military conflicts will culminate into a real confrontation globally. The...
  8. Yzn

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    Great posts. What if the Dollar itself crashes due to the economic crisis and countries turn away from the US and start using Yen and Ruble as an alternative? What will happen to the cash...
  9. Yzn

    Your views on the coming Recession - business side

    Great. I didn't see it, thank you.
  10. Yzn

    Your views on the coming Recession - business side

    Before anyone says it won't happen and I should be more optimistic, it's alright, I won't go against what your views are. I'm talking to people who genuinely do think it will happen in the next year or so and how are you getting ready for it? Ps. Coming recession, when it does, is nothing like...
  11. Yzn

    Resources for idea generation

    If you can, try finding a problem in your daily job. I mean look at MJ how he got his limo idea...from driving a taxi.
  12. Yzn

    INTRO Aslamulaikum from Dubai!

    Wallaikum Asalam. Welcome to the froums. Yzn from JOR. Hope you find this place beneficial.
  13. Yzn

    How to use forums (and Facebook groups)

    Thank you amazing thread.
  14. Yzn

    How can you work full time while growing your business ?

    To be honest, don't listen to anyone that'll tell you to quit your job. Or you can, it's your choice. ESPECIALLY like you said you have lots of expenses. What will happen then is that you will find yourself very anxious on getting money NOW whilst working on 'creating a business' which can...
  15. Yzn

    Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started (seriously)

    Great thread. Please keep sharing.
  16. Yzn

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    Just as others have posted, I wouldn't say its CONTROL but it's more of global politics. In order for Huawei to be in control, it would need to be in control of U.S government.
  17. Yzn

    INTRO I eat shi* everyday.

    Great post. Seems that eating shit when it's you who benefits at the end (your business) tastes much sweeter than eating shit to benefit someone else's business.
  18. Yzn

    Took a sales job, quit after 12 hours

    Haha he probably bought it because of the entertainment he got. Maybe I would of stayed if they didn't end the ride back home with smoking weed...which would of gotten us a couple of months in jail around here.
  19. Yzn

    Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    Yes why not? you can do it if you really want to. I'm just here to say: "Anything i should be concerned with in this plan? To me it seems like an easy way to get out of my time-stealing job." Forget the word easy and do it. Nothing is easy.
  20. Yzn

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    Happens here everyday. Location: poorer countries of the Middle-East.
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