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  1. ErikV10

    What's going on with the world.

    IMPLICATIONS OF THE FOUR TRANSFORMATIONS 1. The War in Iraq In some ways, the war is going very well. Afghanistan and Iraq have the beginnings of a modern government, which is a huge step forward. The Saudis are starting to talk about some good things, while Egypt and Lebanon are beginning to...
  2. ErikV10

    What's going on with the world.

    It was a long read but very interesting so I thought I'd share it with you guys. ----------------------------- This is a paper presented several weeks ago by Herb Meyer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland which was attended by most of the CEOs from all the major international...
  3. ErikV10

    Forbes: World's Billionaire Capital

    NEW YORK, March 6 (RIA Novosti) - Moscow now has 74 billionaires with average wealth of $5.9 bln, placing it above New York, Forbes Magazine said in its annual rich list published on Thursday. According to the list, New York has 71 billionaires, followed by London with 36, Istanbul with 34...
  4. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC .......and your friends do what?

    A lot of my friends who are my age or a bit older now works either part/full time. Most of them work at a grocery store. We used to hang out a lot but since all they do after school is work; I stay home, spends about 1-2 hours on the computer reading forums (including this one), dreaming, and...
  5. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC What is the lowest point in your life you can remember?

    True. I think the people who was once at the lowest point in their life are the successful ones today.
  6. ErikV10

    Small Business (video)

    I just came across this on YouTube and I thought I'd share it to you guys. YouTube - Dan Lutchansky CPA on starting a small business Enjoy.
  7. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC How do you get rid of negativity that won't go away?

    Don't let what other people say stop you from getting into your dreams... no matter who they are in your life. There are a lot of people in my life who are very negative saying that what I want is 'impossible'. All I do is think about my GOALS and what I want to have - all the negativity goes...
  8. ErikV10

    Jewelry Business

    That's it for now, I guess. I haven't read all of the stuff from the websites that you guys gave me so that will take most of my time. I will post more when I have anymore questions. Thanks.
  9. ErikV10

    Jewelry Business

    yveskleinsky, thanks for the website. I'll give it a look. And yeah, I don't think watches will ever be taken over by PDAs and cellphones. Once you start wearing a watch, you can't live without it. It will feel like there is always something missing.
  10. ErikV10

    Why be rich?

    I'm not gonna lie but my real reason is money. I mean, that's why we work hard.. to earn money. And if you have money, you can live beyond your means and do whatever you want. That's when the FUN part comes in. get to spend more time for yourself, your family, and time to make more...
  11. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC Anyone believe in fate or destiny?

    Its kind of like when people say "the harder I work, the luckier I become."
  12. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC Anyone believe in fate or destiny?

    I don't believe in luck. And like what Andrew said, I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Whether its good or bad, there has got to be a reason behind everything. Like for example.. if you fail on getting something you want, all you have to do is get up and work harder. There's...
  13. ErikV10

    O/T: FUNNY I won't be around long...

    MJ, what's the max speed you can drive with the top on? Isn't it like 100 mph?
  14. ErikV10

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of members here who are very knowledgeable when it comes to RE investing. You will definitely learn a lot from them. Enjoy your stay and see you around! Best, Erik G.
  15. ErikV10

    Business Interest

    How did you know you wanted to start a business? Were you interested in starting a business ever since you were young? What got your interest to enter the business world? Are there any jobs you considered before besides business? Ever since I was young, I always wanted to be an...
  16. ErikV10

    Jewelry Business

    Thanks for the response. Please go on. :) That's only if you have a free time though. I really want to learn as much as I can! Also, where can I learn how to repair watches?
  17. ErikV10

    Jewelry Business

    I got another response from a friend saying that its easier to start mall store since their criteria for accepting new dealers is probably not that strict. I believe that will work since everybody who goes to the mall will see the store no matter what.
  18. ErikV10

    OFF-TOPIC Motivational Music...

    It really depends on what kind of work I'm doing. When I'm doing serious stuff (reading business stuff), I listen to slow music. :coffee: Like this.. YouTube - Richard Marx - "Now and Forever" Music Video When I'm doing fun stuff ( reading about cars, watches, etc..), I listen to...
  19. ErikV10

    Jewelry Business

    Thanks for the great replies. Yeah, I have been thinking about what you said. People are gonna want to buy from places that have been around for a while. Or worse is that they are already loyal customers to them. I posted this on a different website and someone told me that if I want to open...
  20. ErikV10

    Hello from LouisvilleLambo a.k.a. Dave

    Let me be the first to welcome you. Well, not really since Jorge took my spot. ;) Enjoy your stay here and see you around. Best, Erik G.
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