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  1. rollerskates

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    This! I'm not too familiar with Grant Cardone, but if it's something that doesn't involve someone's health or safety, I say go for it and figure it out as you go along. My current business spinoff I started pretty much on a whim. It's something I had only dabbled in previously, but it turns out...
  2. rollerskates

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    Not a fan of Buzzfeed or Tony Robbins, IMO, it's probably a combination of half truths on both parts. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems to me the 90s was rife with this sort of thing. I can't tell you how many times in that decade I was hit on in my various workplaces, a few of the...
  3. rollerskates

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Catching up...I've never seen GOT. I rarely watch TV at all as I'd much rather read. My one and only foray into sports betting was highly successful. I won an entire pool simply based on....math. I sat down and literally calculated the likelihood of certain scores happening. Don't tell my...
  4. rollerskates

    RANT Stay In School It's Not A Waste Of Time!

    Even with a college degree, plenty of people are ignorant. The current value of college is greatly overestimated. I think that if you want to learn something specific--whether it be philosophy, medicine, or even art history, then go for it. Obviously some professions, like law and medicine...
  5. rollerskates

    O/T: HEALTH Pains ? Health struggles ? Ask a Surgeon anything

    You'd be surprised how often this diagnosis is given to people, particularly women, when it's something else. And of course, if one's medical problems go untreated, one will have anxiety. o_O And like @Arun Siva, I have massive knee problems too, so I need to concentrate on the quad...
  6. rollerskates

    Are you a Multipotentialite/Polymath?

    No one you've heard of! Even with the internet, not everyone is a LOOK-AT-ME.
  7. rollerskates

    Are you a Multipotentialite/Polymath?

    This is me. I know a ton and can do a ton of things, but I'm not sure at what level something is considered mastered. My father was a true polymath (and a polyglot) and having someone that close to you who's like DaVinci and Einstein and Mozart rolled into one is awfully intimidating. :oops:
  8. rollerskates

    EXECUTION Goodbye B2C, Hello B2B

    There are quite a few B2B service opportunities out there. For sure you should chronicle your success. And good luck! I used to run a restaurant in my 20s and I don't blame you for getting out. I toyed with the idea of buying but the 15 hour days could only last so long. :clench:
  9. rollerskates

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    I also need to start a progress thread. I'm so wishy washy that I can't even decide to start a thread wherein I can be wishy washy. Total fear of judgment. :wideyed:
  10. rollerskates

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    I don't understand why people don't understand this. If you unplug, you'll be a lot healthier. I guess it doesn't help when people are surrounded by others who are egging them on. I mean...grownups? o_O
  11. rollerskates

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    Mine was a Datsun 510. :praise: A 1973 model for $350. Unsealed back window, no radio. Had some epic adventures in it before I sold it to the junkman for $25.
  12. rollerskates

    My Business Idea Generate $1500-2000 Month Help Needed

    That's the worst idea ever. If students are too lazy for their homework, then let them be lazy. Would you want your children buying essays? Would you want this type of person to be your boss? Trust me when I say you do not want to be the one picking up slack for an unqualified boss. It can lead...
  13. rollerskates

    OFF-TOPIC Celebs indicted, many others: college admissions scandal

    Holy cannoli. I wonder if they'll be revoking some admissions and taking back diplomas? Sorry, Stanford guy, you'll have to go to Grass Valley Community College instead. I wonder if Stanford guy who already has a diploma will now get fired since he was hired under false pretenses?
  14. rollerskates

    Climate Change is the #1 Problem the World Faces

    I think that is too vague of a problem to solve and I have other thoughts but we're not supposed to be political here. "Find problems to solve" doesn't actually mean that you have to save the world. If you literally want to help people, you could go build houses in Haiti or something. If you...
  15. rollerskates

    No Cash For Facebook Ads? Post Funny Memes.

    Memes are a good idea because the public has the attention span of a gnat. However...since no one brought it up, don't steal other people's content for your memes. That's bad bad bad and can get you banned from anywhere you're posting them. Go take your own photos or videos.
  16. rollerskates

    The Latte Factor... smh

    It is true that if you follow their method of "wealth", you must skip the coffee. Good thing there are ways to have your latte and drink it too.
  17. rollerskates

    Children's Book Publishing... WOW?!

    There are a lot of markets out there filled with crap these days. I've been told that's subjective, though, and only my opinion, so I'm sure I'm just a snob. ;) On my bucket list of some-day projects because I can illustrate it myself.
  18. rollerskates

    Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    And the majority of the public would be very surprised to learn that even the poor pay taxes--not income tax, but FICA and other stuff--if they dare to be self employed. Not only is it a (tax) crime to be wealthy, it's also a (tax) crime to be self employed at any level of income. If you're self...
  19. rollerskates

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    I should have posted a month ago, but I was a little vague as to how to accomplish anything. I've got to lose weight and I'm happy to say I'm down 4 pounds, all through portion control. It takes a LOT of self discipline when your roommate loves junk food and it's in the house. I am keeping a...
  20. rollerskates

    Habit changer: TV is a pitiful waste of time

    I don't watch TV, but I've been known to binge read. If I am out and about (like waiting in a doctors office or in line), then I read. I always have books downloaded to both my phone and tablet. (Eagerly awaiting "Atomic Habits" from the library) I only have a few social media apps on my phone...
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