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  1. Chris25

    A Website About Digital Branding

    Thanks, this helped me think about a more narrow approach. Yes I will set up a mailing list very soon. Thanks to everyone that replied, it helps a lot to know what real people would expect from the website. I am doing research online about problems that people have, and I will continue to...
  2. Chris25

    A Website About Digital Branding

    Hey guys! This year I've been working on a new website that I'd like some feedback on. Here is a short Intro: The Digital Brand Blueprint website is a place where you can learn more about branding, marketing, social media, and other digital topics. I created this website with the goal to build...
  3. Chris25

    BOOK Atomic Habits, by James Clear (Review & Discussion)

    My Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars :star::star::star::star: :star: My thoughts: This is one of my favorite books that I read last year. Even though there were some concepts inside that I was already aware of, it still felt like a brand new take on everything. If you've read the Power of Habit...
  4. Chris25

    How I started finding solutions (and created a problem)

    Well, you don't give a hint towards what those businesses are, but I will give you something to think about. Ask yourself if there is a way that you can connect those two together, and benefit from both? Or in other words is your friends business going to steal from your focus, or is there a way...
  5. Chris25

    Siri Shortcuts, It’s App Store Effect, Taking/Stealing Opportunity?

    All the basic stuff in today's world have been done many many times. In order to succeed in whatever field of work you have to be out of this world. And yes things blow up and loose relevancy fast. These are the signs of us developing as a race. So you're either good enough to stand out or you...
  6. Chris25

    FEATURED! How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    I wouldn't say that anyone who gives people advice is a charlatan, that is a bit of an overstatement. Of course, gurus can't know everything and they don't always practice what they preach, they are in it mostly for the money. However, there are some people that give advice and don't claim they...
  7. Chris25

    RANT I Have Lost My Way

    Your post started with describing your interests and goals, but as I kept reading on it started looking like a list of excuses to me. And I've been there too so I would know. Stop making excuses about why you can't do these things and start actually doing something. If you're passionate about...
  8. Chris25

    NOTABLE! Website Feedback - Dog Related

    Those bright saturated colors are the thing that bothered me the most. It does not look professional imo. Can I ask, what is the name of the widget you use for e-mail signups? It looks good, but maybe it shouldn't pop up everywhere.
  9. Chris25

    Not sure if I should offer SEO, web design or social media services

    Hey Daniel, you can get a better idea about the Miami market if you do some reaserch online. You can use Google to find out because I'm sure if there are any significant marketers or agenices they have their services posted online. And you can also figure out what they're offering at the same...
  10. Chris25

    GOLD! Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    As long as there's sheep, sure enough, there is going to be someone to give them nice buzzcuts. Even if somebody offers valuable information, you still need your own experience to become better. And the information is already out there for free, or for the price of a few books. I think what...
  11. Chris25

    How to break the cycle of "Hard times➡️Discipline➡️Good Times➡️Laziness➡️Hard Times"?

    I have also struggled with this problem a lot in the past. And I'm still working on imporving to this day, even tho I've made a lot of progress in the past couple of years. I must agree with everyone that says it basically comes down to habits. And if you're looking for a good book I reccomend...
  12. Chris25

    LANDFILL Making lots of money is simple

    Nothing you're saying is an argument either, it's just a statement. I don't know if you're looking for attention or just acting smart for some other reason. But maybe you should support your side of the debate with some arguments or a story if you expect a good discussion. And yes money can...
  13. Chris25

    I need your opinion on an Idea

    I will give you a few things to think about. I bielive that prepearing that course will take a long time. But that is OK. It's something you're working on anyways as a medical student. The interest in this topic is growing and I bielive it will grow even more in the future. It will be...
  14. Chris25

    NOTABLE! Unpopular Opinion: "Give Value for Free" is Bullshit More Often Than Not

    You don't give away value for free. You sell value. But the first taste is FREE. Now I know this to work in multiple areas in life :clench:
  15. Chris25

    Is this too ambitious of an idea?

    Well even Uber had to start somehow. The first versions of all popular apps & websites are basic. It's later on they start growing, they get investors and blow up.
  16. Chris25

    Dear older newbies...

    You know im still 25 but I feel like your 20s are for figuring things out. You are still young so don't think this way! Find something you want to be good at, and read like 20 books on that subject. Put things you learn into practice as you go along, and soon you will have the skills you want...
  17. Chris25

    NOTABLE! How do you stop hating yourself?

    How you think about yourself is how you feel. If you're tired of feeling like this, create a new you! Ask yourself these questions: How do I want to feel every day? What am I working towards? What do I want to have? What do I give to the world? Sit back, close your eyes and concentrate. Think...
  18. Chris25

    What's a good cold call script?

    I was sent on a training about cold calls for a job I had in the past. What we did was send out an email first and then call to follow up. We created a script with a few bullet points that we need to mention during the conversation, just as a helping hand, because sometimes when you're in a call...
  19. Chris25

    How to find a need / problem?

    Well you don't have to be complaining with a balled up fist. It's more about the thought process in your head. You need to notice when something isn't working too great and find a (possible) way to fill the gap. From a Fastlane perspective a carpet cleaning service doesn't really hit any of the...
  20. Chris25

    How to find a need / problem?

    I don't know if you've read MJ's books but he describes the process in detail with multiple examples. What comes to my mind atm is finding something you yourself have problems with. If you're waiting in a line for example and think to yourself "Ugh I wish there was an easier way to do this"...
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