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  1. Andy Daniels

    INTRO Breaking free

    Welcome! Happy to have you!
  2. Andy Daniels

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    Hey @GoodluckChuck I hope you're well my friend! Because of being inspired by your story among others in this forum, I was able to secure my first web design client and set them up on recurring maintenance! It's a great feeling! I just wanted to let you know that you impacted my life, and I...
  3. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    Welp, lol. I was informed yesterday that my contract won't be renewed, and I'll be out June 30. That's the slowlane for ya I guess... Now I'll be taking my web design biz over 100% because as of now, I really have no choice but to see it succeed. I have more than enough to see it through. So...
  4. Andy Daniels

    How can you work full time while growing your business ?

    This! Totally true. When I'm off work for my day job, I remind myself of my goals, and where I want to be. Truly, the thought of impressing the HECK out of my clients is what lights the fire under me. I consistently want to over-deliver. To do that, I need to not only work harder, but work...
  5. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    6/4/19 Update: MADE MY FIRST REAL SALE!!! Obviously it's not official until the $ gets transferred to me. My offer was attractive enough and it worked! I'll be doing a website build and Adwords campaigns with local SEO for my new client! I'm sending my service packages over, and they will...
  6. Andy Daniels

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    Wow!! Very cool! Even bigger accomplishment knowing that many of your concepts contradict the views of the mainstream. Proud to be part of this community!
  7. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    5/29/19 Update: Got contacted by a potential client today, it's a connection from someone in my own network. They are looking to build up their online presence in the auto parts industry. This potential client is a franchisee for a large auto parts company, and simultaneously wants to build up...
  8. Andy Daniels

    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    Each journey is different. What works for @GoodluckChuck may not work for you. It's about taking action and finding your unique blend of services that are unique to YOU. He discovered a market need and took action. He also made the offer so convenient and irresistible for them. Read the...
  9. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    Update: Just sent the new website to the company owner. He mentioned to me that he's looking forward to connecting after looking over the new site. Good news I think! I was still so freakin petrified making that call, even though it was great news for them (they get a new website, yay!)...
  10. Andy Daniels

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    People only post their life "highlights" and that's all we see. It's all BS. I really try to avoid most social media if I can, but sometimes it's fun. If you just accept that most of what you see if total BS, you'll be just fine
  11. Andy Daniels

    INTRO New here

    Welcome Jason!
  12. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Chasing Freedom - Creating My Own Digital Marketing Company

    @Kyle T Keep on pushing brother! I'm on a similar track as you, and it's hard work. Thank you for the amazing value you have already provided this community. I'm here for you! -Andy
  13. Andy Daniels

    Not sure when to give up on my idea

    Always remember that failure is part of the process. It means you took action, it just didn't work out. Maybe you could adjust your idea and take it another direction? Keep on testing the market and figure out what works. Ready, Fire, Aim
  14. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    Just to clarify, you don't think providing amazing value upfront is a good idea? Yikes, so get into a "race to the bottom" price war with a million other freelancers? Nah, I'm good. No disrespect to you, sir! If this is working for you, that's awesome!! I personally want to build up my...
  15. Andy Daniels

    Helping myself by helping others ?

    Hey there! The post seems a little scattered but I'll try my best to help. From my (very limited) experience, when I help others, this helps me in return by making me feel accomplished and good about helping others. MJ mentions many times that the beauty is in the process. The process of...
  16. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    @AdamMaxum Good clarification, thanks for asking! He told me "I've just sunk so much $ into this thing already, it's all such a mess". So I told him that I'll be back with some real progress and a better solution for him. I'm just going to offer up as much value as possible, showing him that...
  17. Andy Daniels

    EXECUTION Value First and Foremost

    5/17/19 Update Hey! It's been a little while and I've been super busy grinding away! I've been building a new website for a sheet metal manufacturer in Portland, and I am very close to being done with it! I'm going to offer to pay for his first year of hosting, just so he feels like a...
  18. Andy Daniels

    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    Definitely this. I've noticed that the millionaires are the people who take risks that others won't. Those who dare travel down the road less traveled. Also I firmly believe that creativity is key. Being presented with a problem, and finding a unique and valuable solution every time.
  19. Andy Daniels

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Just a quick note about how the media pushes slowlane living on everyone; This commercial for '' or something, they were showing clips of rich people having a luxurious party in a mansion, having a great time. It flips to these millennials in a moderately shitty house, fixing it up...
  20. Andy Daniels

    INTRO 32yo from Austria on the quest for financial freedom

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a lot of good things going for you (debt-free, good mindset, good work ethic). You're off to a great start. In the beginning, your one goal should be to help others. In Unscripted, MJ talks about not even mentioning the word money. Think of money as...
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