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  1. rcardin

    Real Estate Anyone Look at a Refi Lately?

    It's been a while since I have been here on the forum, working on a masters degree has taken up my spare time. We refinanced in January at 4% for a 15 year note, down form a 30 at 5.35. 150.00 a month difference
  2. rcardin

    Wanted: CPA in the DFW area.

    Greg, try Sumrall & Bondy 972-233-2200 16633 Dallas PKWY Addison I switched to them this year and actually got a return. Fist time in 4 years. The last CPA I used just didn't get it, I owed every year. They seem to understand real estate investors and if they don't have an answer they...
  3. rcardin

    Real Estate Advice on Owner Financing Deals?

    Contract for deed is an executory contract. It can require 30-60 minimum notice before you can evict or foreclose the property. Been there done that. You said you don't want tenants but that is realy all your buyers are. In my experience you will spend just as much on rehab when your tenants...
  4. rcardin

    WEB/DIGITAL free hosting for e books?

    I am looking for a site that I can put my ebook on. I will be selling through ebay and possibly a website. I want to be able to send a web address through paypal after payment is made so the buyer can download immediately after payment. Seems to me this would be the ultimate in low...
  5. rcardin

    Real Estate writing a book on rehab techniques

    Looking back it would have been a great idea, but due to time constraints it was all I could do to get pictures and keep up with the progress.
  6. rcardin

    Real Estate writing a book on rehab techniques

    Ok I have been busy working on the book. 117 pages with pics on every page. Now I need to find a way to host it online for instant download. It is 37 meg in word format. Anybody got ideas for free hosting?
  7. rcardin

    How can I make $900-1000 a month?

    find 10 yards a week to mow at $25 each and you are there. Since you already have the pool company try to pick up a few of your customers for their lawns. Otherwise Dominoes, Pizzahut delivering pizzas at night.
  8. rcardin

    Chase closed all my credit cards today

    I had something similar happen with WAMU before Chase bought them out. I payed a measely $2000 limit card off and got a letter the next month informing me the account was being closed. The reason: too many mortgages. I only had 2 and both were on time all the time. Not that I needed the...
  9. rcardin

    OFF-TOPIC Homework Help!!

    As a middle school teacher I hear this quite often. We have notebooks we call agendas. The kids should write what they did in each class and if there is any homework. Most of the time when we bring a struggling child in to talk to them and ask for their agenda there is nothing in it. We then...
  10. rcardin

    Side business...

    This is how I put myself through college. At one time I was pushing 50+ lawns a week and going to night school. First a 1k budget to get started is really low. In 1992 I paid over 1200 for a honda commersial mower. 21" self propelled. Add in another 250 for a good straight shaft...
  11. rcardin

    Where did the MONEY GO......where?

    In our case we just sold one of our rentals. We put 12k into rehabbing it and pocketed a check for 28k at closing. Ours went to paying off old debt. credit card consolodation loan and 2 credit cards. One of the cards was used for rehabb purchases. freed up 1k a month in disposable income...
  12. rcardin

    Russian Billionaire: Mikhail Prokhorov

    I saw this on 60 minutes (I think) last night. Very smart guy but from what I gathered his wealth was somewhat manipulated. He seemed to get to many breaks. I was cooking when it was on so I may have only formed an opinion based on part of the story
  13. rcardin

    OFF-TOPIC Live a great life on less than $200K/yr?

    The key is to be able to deduct everyhting through a seperate entity. Think along the lines of a church. Non profit, yet they hold a massive amount of real estate. The preacher is paid a minimal, (sometimes massive) salary. The perks are in housing allowance, ie house supplied by the...
  14. rcardin

    OFF-TOPIC Live a great life on less than $200K/yr?

    Very true Jill. We never saw the insane increases in prop values. I think I live quite nicely on less than 100k combined income. If I had to come up with a way to bypass the 200k rule I would look at corporations. Me being the president or ceo and taking a salary with perks, Place to...
  15. rcardin

    OFF-TOPIC Live a great life on less than $200K/yr?

    I am not sure I understand the question completely. You want to have companies or entities bringing in 1 mil but only show 200k as personal income to hit the healthcare maximum income? Maybe I am lost but I could live quite nicely on 200k a year and not have to work.
  16. rcardin

    Education System FAIL!!!

    This was my after school project 2 years ago. YouTube - JMS Rock Band 2
  17. rcardin

    Education System FAIL!!!

    I have been recouping on the coast for the last week. Gotta get recharged for the rest of the school year. There are some good questions that need to be asked. Unfortunatley most of the questions come from people who have never been in the classroom as a teacher. If you want to know why...
  18. rcardin

    OFF-TOPIC Info on Texas for a quick trip...things to do?

    Austin is your best bet for live music. On your way there is a cavern around Georgetown somewhere off of I35 south on the right, but cant think of the name of it. Worth the stop if you have never been underground. Dallas area other than sports, and shopping, not much happening. If you like...
  19. rcardin

    My PLAN - next step? (LONG)

    After being a bachelor for 12 years and being married for the same amount of time I can tell you that you need to do whatever it takes to get out of her momma's house. Mothers and daughters have a close bond and it only takes a small screwup to turn into a very uncomfortable situation. You...
  20. rcardin

    Money Can't Buy Happiness!

    One of the few quotes handed down to me from my grandfather was "Money doesn't buy happiness but lack of it sucks" You have to find your own fine line between the two and everyone has that line. Finding it is the hard part
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