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  1. Get Right

    I'm starting a real estate photography side business and could use some tips

    We use both drones and Matterports to sell our spec houses. Our realtors hire these companies directly. Look for the young professional realtors. They are the ones using these services.
  2. Get Right

    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    1. Getting the hell out of your comfort zone. I had to develop mine.
  3. Get Right

    Thinking of getting/paying for a MENTOR in consulting. Your experience/thoughts?

    I find this very interesting. I plan to one-on-one mentor a few people once I get closer to exiting my current business. I had always planned to do it for free but your post suggests that might be a mistake.
  4. Get Right

    OFF-TOPIC More than half of all millenials think they'll be millionaires

    Ok add $35,000 plus interest and you get somewhere around $250k to become a "millionaire".
  5. Get Right

    OFF-TOPIC More than half of all millenials think they'll be millionaires

    Lol, I actually agree with them. If we assume they were born in 1981 and also assume 2.5% inflation/year then all they need to make is $183,486 in today's dollars to become a "millionaire". If the current trend continues then approx. 50% will actually retire as "millionaires".
  6. Get Right

    Lost and not sure where to start again

    Sounds like you are looking for a magic bullet. You have to get out there and start doing stuff to find markets and needs. Just start something already. Might as well get used to this. It will happen your whole life as an entrepreneur.
  7. Get Right

    Crushing the Comfort Zone

    Hey CCZ crushers! You thought I quit didn't you? Nope still crushing, I hope you are too. Also - I'm feeling a little narcissistic with this thread, let's hear your stories! Completed: CCZ#14 - Take a vacation - Idea from @UnrealCreative - Vaca!! So I ditched the phone, grabbed the family and...
  8. Get Right

    Seeing the need, filling the need

    Storm chasing is difficult and lots of people do it (almost no barriers to entry). Might I suggest a way to "sell shovels" instead of mine for gold: 1. Find a company selling their used 30 yard roll-off containers. Make a deal with the owner to find a buyer. Run an ad in the storm damaged area...
  9. Get Right

    Have we finally decided to retire?

    There's something to be said for "valued responsibility". I think Jordan Peterson coined that one.
  10. Get Right

    Have we finally decided to retire?

    I've got a spec house waiting for you, come on down!
  11. Get Right

    EXECUTION Let's Build a Spec House!

    Moving on up! This one's on the water...and already sold - yippee!
  12. Get Right

    Honesty - how to handle dishonest employee

    I have a few guys that do this. It's always the young ones. I just quit buying for the "takers".
  13. Get Right

    Velocity Banking

    Ok, I'll chime in here. This makes sense if you need mommy to hold your hand and force yourself to pay for something you bought faster. As @Johnny boy mentioned...this is high functioning slowlane. But you are here at the Fastlane Forum. You are trying to do better than high functioning...
  14. Get Right

    New Project... Sorta

    Nice job SteveO! I like simple land flips. The tax man gets a little too much but it's fastlane for sure.
  15. Get Right

    INTRO Hey Hay Hae

    Sorry, got too many Dad jokes and my kids went to bed already. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  16. Get Right

    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane NCAA Tourney Bracket, Win 1 Year Insider Subscription

    I'm in. Get Right is the name. I haven't watched a basketball game in 15 years so this should be interesting.
  17. Get Right

    INTRO A New Guy

    Welcome to the forum!
  18. Get Right

    INTRO Brand Spankin' New

    Welcome to the forum!
  19. Get Right

    Help. Girl Issues.

    Life is funny. When I was 20 I had no intentions of marrying anybody particular and no intentions of building anything particular. Hell, I had no clue how the world even works. Maybe you are putting to much pressure on these major decisions? Life is rarely an all or nothing, black or white...
  20. Get Right

    I Hate the Idea of Being Equal!

    You might be surprised.
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