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  1. Ausable

    Real Estate How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell?

    I've owned a couple of rehab houses that were previously occupied by heavy smokers. And I've had good luck washing the washing and ceiling with TSP. I recommend that you use one of those sponge mop you can get get at costco, it makes the work go a little bit quicker. Also remember to wash all...
  2. Ausable

    Microbrew startup

    Also keep in mind that there is going to be a hop shortage this year. So you might want to check your recipes and adjust your prices accordingly. I know that for myself, I've already started to see the effects at my local homebrew shop, with higher prices and less choices.
  3. Ausable

    Anyone here still sell on EBAY?

    My sister and I use to sell quite a bit of stuff on ebay. Until we can to the realization that everyone else (ebay, UPS, etc.) was making a profit except for us.
  4. Ausable

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello from a fellow Michiganian.
  5. Ausable

    Real Estate Selling on Land Contract?

    Now that credit markets have tightened up. It would seem like a good time to start selling SFH's on land contract, instead of outright with the buyer using conventional mortgage financing (which they might not be able to get). I know a bit about the general details of selling on land contract...
  6. Ausable

    How much of an ENTREPRENEUR are you?

    You scored a total of 29 points YOU MAY BE A MACRO-ENTREPRENEUR
  7. Ausable

    Business loan

    $100,000 sounds kind of low. How are you going to allocate that capital between purchasing equipment, construction, and working capital? Because my buddy that opened a franchise restaurant, spent over $200,000 of his own money to get it up and running.
  8. Ausable

    Real Estate Flip Lessons Learned / Tips

    I learned about sabotage on my first flip. The house was an REO, and before the bank kicked out the previous owner he had uncapped all the gas lines. And done some creative work with the electrical wiring. It was a dangerous situation to say the least.
  9. Ausable

    Real Estate Flip Lessons Learned / Tips

    I've learned a couple of lessons trying to flip: -If you are going to do demo within a house, I figure about 10 cubic yards for each room that I will demo to the studs. Because I always end up throwing out more then expected (Previous owners possessions, appliances, furniture, yard waste), and...
  10. Ausable

    What do you read every day?

    RSS feeds have made my web reading a lot more simple, now I can just browse the headlines from BBC, Slashdot, WSJ, Reuters and Mises, and if need be click on the headline to get the full story. Magazine wise, I get a wide range of industry mags as well as Forbes. And I try to read a couple each...
  11. Ausable

    Licence plate frame maunfactuars?

    Have you tried searching on (it will mostly list domestic producers) or (for all foreign producers)?
  12. Ausable

    Purchase a 36 room motel?? Good or bad idea?

    I can think of a couple of things you can add to the motel. 1) You might be able to team up with a local taxidermist/butcher and offer guests that stay in the motel a discount of there services, and you would get back a portion of the discount as a referral fee. That way it wouldn't cost you...
  13. Ausable

    DIY press release questions

    There is also a web site called that I've hear mentioned on The Big Idea a couple of times.
  14. Ausable

    NEWS: AMT bill passes House 11/9/07

    Just another example of the "Let's soak the rich" mentality of politicians. And who in the end gets hit with the tax.....the middle class and poor. Which is exactly what the AMT ended up doing, which is soaking the middle class instead of the rich. I think one of the bigger problems is going to...
  15. Ausable

    Real Estate Beginner Conference Call - Recording (FREE)

    I listened to the recording myself, and I really enjoyed the info covered during the call. I just went to the website you listed reipro, and one of the benefits listed is the ability to download the recording.
  16. Ausable

    OFF-TOPIC The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch

    I really didn't care for the show in its original incarnation (just interviewing celebs and athletes). But now that he has switched to the "Roadmap to the American Dream" format, I really like the show and the direction it is headed.
  17. Ausable

    Hi from Iowa

    As with most sites on the web, I really don't know how I got here, but I’m glad I’m here. After a couple of weeks of on and off visiting, I thought it was time to finally create an account and start to contribute. I'm not originally from Iowa but moved here from Michigan about 4 years ago...
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