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  1. Anybody in the Auto Glass Business? My new endeavor.

    Looks like you have a good hold on things and a good start. The price you are offering is way lower than what most people charge. Just make sure it doesn't come across as a low quality service because of you price vs the competitor. Good luck.
  2. WordPress or Learn to Code?

    I would suggest going the Wordpress route as there is less chance of you getting frustrated with code and quitting. With Wordpress you will be able to cut your dev time exponentially. You can spend the time saved on other things like marketing and networking.
  3. As lost as I was 2 years ago but with 100x more skills. Not sure what I want to do.

    Wow. You have had a rough couple of years. I feel like the worst is behind you. I would advice you to hang in there and keep trying to network with whoever you can and get back on track. You are still young and your best years are ahead of you. Don't let the past make a determination for you...
  4. NOTABLE! How to Buy A McLaren for $20K

    Congratulation on the car, it's a beauty.
  5. Barrier of Entry is my only concern.

    1 - You can search the patents here > Google 2 - Worry about the Billion $$ competitors once they figure out your success. In the meantime focus on gaining market share. You will have plenty of time to set yourself apart from others and have good relations in the market. Good luck
  6. INTRO Maybe I’m a dumbass?

    What worked for me was: Breaking it down into smaller steps (Short term to long term goals, daily, weekly, monthly goals) Strong reason to stop (Health, Religion, Relationships) Change the people who influence the behavior you want to get rid of (Stay away from people/environment which cause...
  7. INTRO Maybe I’m a dumbass?

    I think those goals are good to get started. Cutting out smoking is one of the hardest things most people try to do. If you can accomplish that by setting up steps and small goals that will give you a better idea of how to accomplish bigger goals. For example instead of smoking 4 packs a week...
  8. {Success Story} Feeling stuck? A six month case study of when I dropped everything to buy a business

    How did you search for the business, which resources did you utilize? Was it related to your previous ventures? Thank you.
  9. Crushing B2B Sales with LinkedIn

    Very creative, need to try it out.
  10. Wokeup At 5 o'clock in the morning and....

    Waking up early is definitely a life changer. When I wake up at 5 opposed to 9 or 10, I get more done in the first 4 hours than the rest of the day combined.
  11. Down and out... a warning.

    There are always ups and downs in life. Just remember as the good times didn't last forever (when you had job and everything), the bad time will pass too. It's only temporary.
  12. GOLD! Making Money For Dummies (And In a Crowded Market)

    Going through this thread and reading through the pages. So much useful information here. Thank you.
  13. GOLD! Getting started is this simple...

    This is an eye opener, so much useful info you that seems so basic but hard to think of when you are stuck in the slowlane.
  14. How To Profit From The Coming Recession?

    The reason I recommend paying cash is so you can avoid being stuck making payments(interest) in case the market is down longer than expected. Might be good to sell Crypto during the recession as one would expect it to increase in value during the recession.
  15. INTRO Former Fastlane dealer looking to become Fastlane businessman

    Found this while searching the threads. I'm looking to start a residential/commercial cleaning service locally. Have you made any progress? Any insights/tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. What do you think about my website

    Try to add some customer reviews with pictures or some other ways to display "Social Proof". That would make the visitors comfortable buying from you. I see you have something under "Price" on page how you made extra 20%. But it's always better when there are customer...
  17. How To Profit From The Coming Recession?

    Try to have as much cash as possible on hand. If/once the recession hits, I would try and buy up low priced properties (with minor fixes needed) and hold on and resell once the market is back up. It would be best if you could avoid loans as that would cause you to have monthly payments. Making...
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