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  1. WEB/DIGITAL 30 Day Challenge

    <SPAMMY CHAIN LETTER PONZI SCHEME DELETED> You were persistant TheKid.... I kinda wondered about all of these posts you were making. Bye Bye. (and Banned) And To bad. You don't know what you are missing. ~ ATW
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Website - Phase I is up.... Feedback?

    I am not really keen on this but what I would do is google on storage places and see if they have anything I might be able to use. Sometimes you look at a site offering the same service and a lightbulb pops on in your head. Good luck!
  3. WEB/DIGITAL Scandal vs. Trash

    Re: Scanadal vs. Trash I see you have a looney tunes on your hands. I feel for you. When I read you message I remembered something. The rules. Even when I registered to this forum they had a set of rules I had to agree on. If they don,t agree their stuff gets deleted. You can set some...
  4. WEB/DIGITAL Could someone help me

    I can understand that it is a pain to run an online business. Here are some ideas that may help. Paypal is a service that for a small percentage of each transaction will offer you the ability to take credit cards and EFT,s online. They also provide you with a check out car program. I hope this...
  5. WEB/DIGITAL E-commerce, my take on things.

    Thank you for your contribution. A backup in case of a disaster is a great idea. One criteria that is important is the target customers. If you offer a product or service that is more specialized it can make more money if you market it correctly. It is kind of like Doctors where the specialist...
  6. WEB/DIGITAL 3 letter domains

    I don't really know but before you spend your hard earned money you may want to do a search on the 3 letter domains availability. What I mean is if it ends in .com then search to see if the same is available as a .net. If it is you may be able to buy register it and pull close to the same...
  7. WEB/DIGITAL 1-800# for website?

    Great question. I had a website that I trashed years ago. There was an 800 nubmber that just said please leave a message. They rarely called back. It is however an option to use the answering machine with different mailbox numbers even though it is the same phone. Another option is to have them...
  8. WEB/DIGITAL 7 reasons you will never make $ online

    I liked it. You know the truth in a nutshell is if you think you can't do it, you will create the obstacles. Some people who do not know any better succeed. You have countless numbers of people who come to the US and some can hardly speak English. They open up a leather shop or any of the...
  9. WEB/DIGITAL 2 ecommerce questions

    There is a service called brainstorm. It helps you find keywords that raise your site ranking incredibly. You will be getting alot more traffic and the great thing about it is that you do not have to advertise! You can google brainstorm and if you use it I know you will be one happy camper. Good...
  10. WEB/DIGITAL 2 ecommerce questions

    There is a service called brainstorm. It gives you keywords to improve your visits without paying advertisers. I don't have the site URL but you can google it. I guarantee you will thank me. Good luck!
  11. WEB/DIGITAL $1,000,000 a WEEK (Dr. Ham)

    Very impressive. It's ironic to see how people assume its better if its more expensive. It is also hilarious. Thanks fo sharing.
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