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  1. Solais

    IMPORTANT! Tapatalk Removed ... Please Use Forum's Native App

    Those are the most intrusive TOS I've ever seen for some run-of-the-mill "software" program. It's almost like the marketplace for their product is a highly competitive one and not an oligopolistic one. o_O A complete f**king joke TBH. I'm just sitting here laughing at how pretentious they are.
  2. Solais

    When to stop Facebook Ad? Why do Ads stop being effective when only a small percentage of an audience has seen it?

    You don't have to say what your niche is, but let me just tell you FB ads isn't for everyone. If you're selling stupid cat and dog toys, or the latest eBook on "personal finance tips," or whatever, then yea. Facebook ads should be fine. Let's say you run a locksmith business. Do you run FB...
  3. Solais

    Hey, can anyone suggest a good FREE CRM (for starters)?

    Long story short: I went on a 10 hour "outreach" spree today (I'm not gonna lie - I wanted to tear my hair out making all those comments and posts and I felt my blood pressure shoot up at least 30% above normal) and I was like "Yeah, this isn't going to work..." but I already got a lead, LOL...
  4. Solais

    FIVERR goes public, will it become HUNDREDRR?

    Uber is banking on autonomous vehicles to cut labor costs. There is no way their business model is sustainable as it is now.
  5. Solais

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    You are a reminder that if I was slightly more active here in one of my previous 2 ventures, they might not have completely crashed even before I got started. You are right. I will do what you suggest.
  6. Solais

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    I'll give it another go, but wouldn't your answer be buried underneath an avalanche of existing answers? Or do you just play the "long game" and wait for views to accumulate? Hmm...I didn't consider that.
  7. Solais

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    After 2 failures (which is why I went into hiding for months and only returned just today, dunno if you remember me ROFL), my proclamation is to - Get at least one PAYING customer by July 31, 2019; I'm setting up Google Ads tomorrow, I have the infrastructure in place now after spending 2 and a...
  8. Solais

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    I filtered by - Within Last Week and I looked for questions with 0 - 3 answers in them.
  9. Solais

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    I won't name my specific niche, but it has to do with "behavioral problems."
  10. Solais

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    This does sound like a great idea for local service businesses. I would use this but unfortunately, my niche is too narrow/specific to warrant this strategy/pipeline. :( I would probably use it if I have to start some kind of tutoring/test prep/"career counseling" type business. Here's my take...
  11. Solais

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    I've answered like 20 questions so far and nobody has replied to me despite the good amount of effort I put into each post (and the fact that I'm answering questions well within my expertise). I could be using a very small sample size, but I don't think that's the problem. Quora seems inferior...
  12. Solais

    FIVERR goes public, will it become HUNDREDRR?

    Kind of ironic since I'm deeply dependent on them to keep my 2-shoestring budget operation going, after failing the last 2.
  13. Solais

    30 clients in 30 days or money back

    I'll be your guinea pig. Hit me with a PM and I'll reply.
  14. Solais

    Retail Apocalypse = Commercial Property Owners Desperate

    Navigating the New Age of Retail Real Estate TL;DR The "retail apocalypse" is leaving commercial property owners between a rock and a hard place. If you plan on starting a local brick-and-mortar and want to reduce your rent, this might be a great opportunity, as the business owner has the...
  15. Solais

    EXECUTION Tomorrow

    I did that yesterday. It's not very efficient when half the buildings are owned by a property management company that's off-site and you realized you just wasted 30 min walking around. Email -> Phone Call -> Direct Mail -> In-Person is the most efficient "pipeline." In-Person is the final...
  16. Solais

    EXECUTION Tomorrow

    Writing this entry during my quick 10 min break + eating downtime. Date: 11/29/2018 (Day 2 of Action) I've noticed my emails sent per hour rate fluctuates between 20 and 40, depending on how difficult YellowPages makes it for me...let's say 30 emails/hour is the average. My Process For...
  17. Solais

    Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
  18. Solais

    Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

    Problem is, you can't just arrest them. You'd have a parental crisis on your hands in a matter of weeks if you rounded up all the "outsource daycare to Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat" violators.
  19. Solais

    FORUM NEWS The Millionaire Fastlane, Thai

    How do you feel being juxtaposed to RK?
  20. Solais

    EXECUTION Tomorrow

    In case anyone's wondering, the red/yellow/green is to signify ACTION. All yellow cells eventually turn to green or red eventually. Not following up = disaster. Edit (Almost midnight): After thinking about what another Insider said, I've decided to use the following progression: 1) Email...
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