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  1. EXECUTION Journey to $50k/monthly [On track to $20k/month]

    i'll follow this thread, about to sell my amazon FBA business, its been doing well but i cant have my business directly affected by how Jeff Bezos woke up today.. too many ppl losing accts and shit. OP- question, are you planning to buy inventory, private label it and sell it yourself? or you...
  2. Facebook Ads Pro ? Need Advice :)

    Tier 1 countries, but it is pretty targeted, like people who bought tennis supplies online recently and such.
  3. Facebook Ads Pro ? Need Advice :)

    Hi guys I started a new dropshipping website for tennis supplies, tried to use facebook ads already spent around $40 but haven't got even 1 conversion. I did create 2 ads to see which one converts more, none of them did. I got around 400 unique visitors, out of these 6 people added stuff to...
  4. Any Facebook Page Owners That Make Money ?

    so basically 1. Create a post with some awesome content 2. Use facebook ads 3. make money can you tell me more on phase 2 please ? like how much would you spend on a post? how do you pick your target audience ? how to create the ads effective ? thanks man
  5. Need advices.

    Im not a native English speaker but I love your slogan, its simple to understand and to the point.
  6. Fastlane Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    Don't join the haters in this forum bro I know personally of a deal he did here in clearwater not a long time ago because I live in tampa and I saw the property he was talking about besides heres the website with all his real estate : Idk about you, I watched...
  7. Adsense rejected. Ideas or alternatives?

    And when it comes to adsense its easy to get banned, and thats where the content I recommended you to get earlier kicks in. Get some writers from fiverr / odesk, pay them a few bucks and get content.
  8. Personal Guarantee a Business Loan

    Im going to make a similar move. If you know that this is it, go all in. Make it a calculated risk, know the market, know the product, and if you're 100% sure, go all in bro.
  9. PUBLISHING Just listed my first eBook on Kindle, get it FREE :)

    its really time consuming replying to trolls here, got better stuff to do, admins please lock this thread. For those of you who tried to do something positive and gave good advice - thank you, appreciate you guys :)
  10. PUBLISHING Just listed my first eBook on Kindle, get it FREE :)

    Feedback based on what? not capitalizing the title ? lol , just internet trolls mate... I dont mind getting the feedback but how can you give one if you never even read it ?
  11. PUBLISHING Just listed my first eBook on Kindle, get it FREE :)

    Haha you're awesome man, I really didnt ask for a "good rating" just an honest review. Dont apologize brother, all the haters are irellevant, meanwhile my ebook is having a BSR of 30+K after 2 days... so imma keep pushing
  12. PUBLISHING Just listed my first eBook on Kindle, get it FREE :)

    Where did I ask for 5 star reviews ? did you get stung by some weird animal over there in Australia ? :)
  13. Real Estate Hi, does anyone own real estate in China, India, Mexico or Brazil

    consider investing in a REIT of one of these countries, a mutual fund of real estate properties.
  14. Open a business as non-US

    consult an accoutant, where I come from, you will still have to pay taxes because 'belgium ' will be your 'central of living' thats how the government in my country defines it. Meaning you pay taxes where you live And you can start a business in the US for sure, the question is how much you'll...
  15. EXECUTION From $50.00 in the bank to a little over $1K

    good for you brother keep hustling theres no shortage of money in this world, thats why you were able to make $1000 in no time, and you can do even better
  16. Burn the Ships - what are you experiences ?

    IMO dont get rid of your job, get rid of your burberry, and the 3000 shirts or whatever amount you paid for the clothes Use that money to "buy time", meaning outsource whatever you can in your 'fastlane' idea...
  17. Fastlane Grant Cardone "Buying a House is for Suckers"

    All of you guys who talk crap about GC, you're confused. You wanna take the same levels of action he does, you wanna burst through noise like he says, and in general his advice is pure gold. Dont get confused and my rule of thumb is never talk trash about someone whos more successful than you...
  18. PUBLISHING Just listed my first eBook on Kindle, get it FREE :)

    Btw if I gave you the book as a gift, when you leave an honest review, please state that you got it as a gift in order to review it. P.S if anyone on this forum is in kindle publishing, let me know, i'll pay for your copy ...
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