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  1. timmy

    INTRO Who I Am & How I Ended Up With You People...

    Hi Josh...Wow.. that was a long intro... Like most here I wouldn't read much of it... However welcome, and by definitiin 90%+ of the population are not in our zone. (and probably never will) Wishing you well in you ventures.
  2. timmy

    Designing and Manufacturing New Product

    Fitness is hot .... Many are looking for fitness routines that don't slot nicely into the new work from home working environment. Scalability will be your biggest challenge. Lots of luck. sent
  3. timmy

    INTRO London based entrepreneur - just getting started

    Welcome .... Lots of Gold threads here. Have a goo look around. .... ** note use the search bar for specifics.
  4. timmy

    Is this a good USP (unique selling proposition)?

    Hi.... Great thread. People generally don't/won't get it. The ones under age 21 "will" so focus mostly there using high visual content on your lead pages. The circular economy will become a stepping stone to an alright ban ( possibly by 2025 ) on raw materials that cannot be recycled easily or...
  5. timmy

    Inventing for the first time, after years of experience with importing

    Simplify the finished product as much as possible refining it back to what its core functionality. Any of the other features are "fluff " and will only add to the costs. Walter is on the right track IMO.
  6. timmy

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    ... Anyone that aspires to being a high functioning individual will generally be aware of the enrichment available from an early start. One will obviously need be comfortable working alone, have a clear pathway established and chip away at it. High up on the chart is ...the optimum use of...
  7. timmy

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    I meet family and friends for specific social engagements. Bad back so can only sleep in my own bed ..... partly true. You do what you have to do. It's easier to water down the truth than to explain to low functioning people ... even if those are tour own family.
  8. timmy

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    Oops...Sorry the expand for my post
  9. timmy

    MEETUPS Ireland Calling!

    Tipp. here. Great to see you up and running . Just noticed you today.
  10. timmy

    INTRO Let me introduce myself.

    Yaah....So wonderful to see folks like Junsung Kim with such enthusiasm.
  11. timmy

    INTRO Let me introduce myself.

    Welcome... 18 is a great time to get going in life. Wish I had the inclination at 18. " Your success is possibly staring you in the face so don't flinch "
  12. timmy

    What drives you to be appreciative of life?

    Of late...I tend to wake up content and grateful... Why ! .. Well for starters the ceiling didn't fall in on me and bury me alive during the night. The bit I value is to be able to continue with my quest to make a positive difference in the world. I don't give any human the privilege to make me...
  13. timmy

    O/T: HEALTH What's good about your gym

    My gym has everything I need including a 25m pool. Not near as I live in a rural area. It's clean with good air circulation, super nice staff that I know on a first name basis.
  14. timmy

    INTRO Newbie but an old soul

    An interesting and compelling intro. Welome
  15. timmy

    Jordan Peterson on Entrepreneurship

    Love this guy. Super super smart. Disects everything back down to basics. Upsets lots of people but willing to debate and reason with anyone.
  16. timmy

    Plastic pollution - I want to provide value

    I previously did some exploratory research in this sector. Didn't follow through for many reasons.The hurdles with recycling plastics are many. IMO you solve these issues ..... then expotential growth is certain. 1/ ...There are many types of plastic (12 plus) If mixed they have a low value...
  17. timmy

    Plastic pollution - I want to provide value

    Great thread.. Social awareness coupled with a lean - clean plastic recycling quickly close to the source (before contamination accurs) may in effect be the first stage in turning off the tap on this crazy barbaric behaviour. Well done ...Man with a mission ...I like that..
  18. timmy

    3D Printing as a business...does it make CENTS?

    Lots of 3d printing forums out there. A British guy has a platform that's open source and you can actually build the printers. Only printed circuit boards need to be purchased. As cheap as chips ( as part of your training that is) Perhaps the online course would follow on from this. Brilliant...
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