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    GOLD! Did It: Zero to $12k a Month While Traveling the World

    All nice and done BUT the point is the Internet is flooded with Freelancers.. so if you have very special connections and found a niche market, gratulations. Because what i have seen is, its not easy even for advanced programmers. The second thing is most companys already have from the beginning...
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    HOT TOPIC Is Elon Musk a fraud?

    Here in Switzerland (and Norway) are a lot of Teslas... i dont think any one would spend 100K on a BYD or some unknown brand. I even see rarely Japanese cars (even they have excellent quality like Honda,Lexus,Toyota) most people who have money will either buy Tesla or the gas Fraction like...
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    INTRO New here, starting an incredible business

    Cool is this ETH university Spinoff ?
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    HOT TOPIC Found a motivation! I want to go live in Brazil!

    Portugal, Spain, Europe.. even Moscow ( found the place very nice in the summer :happy: ) Hong Kong, Australia...
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    INTRO Depressed by wasted time with 0 accomplishment

    Are you perhaps near Zurich ? A lot of startups and meetups are created there.. From "Diamond coin" to "Creating a Clothes Line" i attended many meetups in Zurich, however there are some big differences to the American Market. The main thing is to find a Niche and set it up Professionally from...
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    Invention Therapy

    This guy (Richard Haberkern) is doing mostly short videos but for a entrepreneur or a inventor those videos are Gold.
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    HOT TOPIC Fiance is calling my business "his/our" business, threatening to sue me

    I stopped there and grabbed a popcorn.. sorry i dont know you personally. :) But if you`re married you made a probably a bullrush decision and married him to quick. Btw the same mistake which i made few years ago..
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    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Tools for household/car/computer they never age and always usable... General hardware stuff with no electronic... some mechanisms will never change.
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    Cryptocurrency RED FLAGS Thread

    Well the Party is over at the Moment.. But i feel later in the Year Bulls can make a comeback. But this is more speculating then Fastlane.. I was never invested in BTC but in many other Cryptos..
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    Chronic laziness. How to overcome?

    Get a job that you will feel as a slave.:D Do exercises but dont do too much that you will wreck yourself the next day.. (i do that often which i need higher regeneration; sleep :headbanger:) Live by the philosophy everyday without improvement is a lost day...:dead:
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    Selling Air as Buisness

    I went to a Start up meeting and they were talking about a company selling Canadian Mountain Air to Chinese People and making Millions ! After a bit researching i found out that it is true..
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    EXECUTION Pay my Rent through Ecommerce in 2016

    Impressive story, so far.. Im surprised that you have a such high demand but i guess this also has to do with Manhattan environment. I personally have never felt the need a trainer, except for competition oriented sports like Boxing or Shotput. Is it better to have a trainer ? 99% yes, but not...
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    WEB/DIGITAL "How to Make a No. 1 App With $99 and Three Hours of Work"

    I think very few people here are on this Buisness, i would search for developer opinions or Blogs to test the price point and strategy.
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    MEETUPS Germany Meetup Opportunities

    Not all people want to give details about there buisness models, but it would be actually nice to use Synergy from different people.
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    I'm lost

    Hi Jeli I see you are near Konstanz if you are interested we can have a fastlane discussion. Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 3 mit Tapatalk
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    NOTABLE! Preserving Wealth, My #1 Tip. Don't Get Married! (Or Maybe You Should?)

    Well there are success stories of married people; like they built a global successful company together but ods of getting "wasted" is much higher. Unless your name is Eddie Murphy.Who has 9 kids and married few times. o_O
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    WEB/DIGITAL Can a newbie withou android coding skills make money via creating android apps?

    He could also be screwed if he doesnt knows how to measure or control the work of developers.
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    OFF-TOPIC Technology for the home based small business

    Asus Laptop i7 SSD with Windows 10.. is more able to manage open source stuff,also Technical Programs like Zbrush,Solidworks but has the issues of Microsoft. I think Imac/macbook is more trouble free if you need something more stable.
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    NOTABLE! Preserving Wealth, My #1 Tip. Don't Get Married! (Or Maybe You Should?)

    This is a bit offtopic and i admit that i made it too easy for causing this big mistake to happen. But like Einstein said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." You just cant calculate everything, nobody on the plane knew the...

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