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  1. Smuggo

    REAL resources on self image and self belief

    And how about you @Fox ? As I see you've made a lot of progress and changes in your life so I guess you had to increase your self image and belives. Unless you had it "inside" you all the time. :)
  2. Smuggo

    OFF-TOPIC "Unscripted" book in Poland.

    Glad to hear! Is there any chance it will appear this year or it's still unknown?
  3. Smuggo

    OFF-TOPIC "Unscripted" book in Poland.

    So I wanted to ask if there a chance of translating "Unscripted" to polish. I think I've read somewhere that it will appear, but I'm not sure if that was a rumour or the real information. Even though I've read "Unscripted" in English, I would love to read it in my native language (and have my...
  4. Smuggo

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Let's revive Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen, so he can kill Daenerys during hot kiss and then he can come back to the north. SO EPIC.
  5. Smuggo

    NOTABLE! What is your personality? Find it out with a quick test!

    That's an old thread, although was fun to take the test. I've tried this type of tests 3 times, having 1 year break between them and got different result every time... I think I might be a little unstable
  6. Smuggo

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    Waiting all those episodes to see that fast Night King death was sooo disappointing. It all felt so... forced... Every death, fight and so on. Everyone is talking about Avengers and not GoT. I wonder why :rofl: Anyway I just want to see the ending right now.
  7. Smuggo

    Should I learn copywriting or programming?

    HTML is not programming language. Rest in pepperonis.:rofl:
  8. Smuggo

    What high income skill should I learn to make money online?

    I think some people are overreacting here. Basically give value to people = get money for solving problem. It may be fullfilling a need for good website, bringing customers to their business, get rid of some pain points, create better prodcut or even a new one ect... Have you read the books? If...
  9. Smuggo

    23 Year old, grew up abused, struggling. Please help with some ideas? :(

    Starting with reading books is actually a core. Then you can go to reading gold/notable threads. You have a lot of "golden nuggets" here. Also lot of AdWords threads, ecommerce, digital agencies and so on... If you have your own idea, you can always create a execution thread where you can...
  10. Smuggo

    Front-end, is it worth?

    Maybe frontend as Web design. You can check @Fox threads and his Facebook group and YouTube.
  11. Smuggo

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    I am glad you survived... Living on the edge. My first one and still the one I use is the Peugeot 308 from 2008. So far no problems. I can pack equipment for kiting for 3 people + bags, go to the seaside. Not big fuel consumption in city. I don't need anything else:)
  12. Smuggo

    Best City/Country in Europe for Online Entrepreneur

    Well if he's getting $$$ it's cheap. Same with Poland. But having ability to live whenever you want and choosing Gdansk is really wierd. I mean, maybe where there a nice season, like May - September and you get nice weather I would live there but off-season I am getting headaches in Poland due...
  13. Smuggo

    FORUM NEWS 3....2....1...

    Wow I didn't even realise that there are so many members. I guess it's a matter of few hours to hit 50k :)
  14. Smuggo

    Help with picking my next phone

    This one. Unfortunately I Had it for a short amount of time but loved that.
  15. Smuggo

    The 5am Club - Worth it?

    Pretty nice discussion. Anyway I don't think that the hour you wake up is important but the way you start your morning. If you are hitting "snooze" you are gonna be tired for the first half of a day. If the first thing you do after opening your eyes is checking fb, Instagram... you are getting...
  16. Smuggo

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    Never had opportunity to rent something like that in other countries so hard to say, although my friend in UK said he was doing quite good with minimal.
  17. Smuggo

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    If you have income stream in $$$ it may be considered cheap, but if you earn minimal here you can barerly afford renting a bachelor apartment in capital. Well... most times you can't actually. :)
  18. Smuggo

    RANT I'm 31 years old with $5 in my account

    I'm moving to NY. In my country it's 3.5$/hour. Of course after conversion, but still... :rofl:
  19. Smuggo

    Which fastlaners do you follow on Twitter?

    I follow most of fastlaners that I find helpful here. No need to use this short-good-for-nothing-with-anger twitter.
  20. Smuggo

    Warren Buffett... your thoughts?

    I've read somewhere that he is drinking a can of coca-cola daily. I like that idea a lot. Now I am drinking two cans to increase my success even more.
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