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  1. ironman150

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    YOU2 by Price Pritchett
  2. ironman150

    How much $$$ would you need to significantly change your lifestyle?

    @Ernman check out this forum for creating your own FTS. It's helped me a lot.
  3. ironman150

    RANT My brother tried to kill me and my family did nothing about it.

    Take care of yourself now, then fastlane. For immediate help (like right NOW) your situation is bad enough for: Baltimore County Westside Men's Shelter 410-887-4091 or Karis Home 410-342-1323, Baltimore Outreach Services 410-752-1285. There are many places that will help you NOW. How about a...
  4. ironman150

    What happens when you quit your job?

    what kind of wait time exists to see a medical specialist or dentist? Just curious.
  5. ironman150

    Has Amazon become a monopoly?

    The issue with opening an Amazon store is that you are paying for your own failure. If you product doesn't sell, it's your loss. If it does sell, Amazon will get a cheaper knock-off and compete against you and you will eventually fail. Either way, Amazon wins.
  6. ironman150

    GOLD! How to create monetary wealth in just 5 years. (Or less!)

    this should be mandatory for all new people (and the old ones too).
  7. ironman150

    What would you do with a windfall?

    depends on the amount...but if large enough $1m+ 1) debt be gone 2) Buy multifamily 3) Repeat step 2 until passive income exceeds expenses X4 4) retire.
  8. ironman150

    Stop Action Faking - Become Hyper-Effective Using Gleeo App

    YES...DROID all the way. Sooooo much better/easier to use with far fewer limitations.
  9. ironman150

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    and the hunt starts now...facebook ads in 6 months.
  10. ironman150

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    prescription glasses for a few hundred bucks...all i use now are the $2 cheaters i get a walmart.
  11. ironman150

    RANT Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Discussion

    that is the best preview of all of their movies. I'm a Trek guy but I'm excited to see this movie now.
  12. ironman150

    OFF-TOPIC an end to the college student loan fiasco?

    Currently every school has a vested interest in getting as much tuition as they can for as long as they can. The banks don't care because no student can get out of these loans even through bankruptcy. This "waste of brain power" turns our higher education institutions from leaches, providing...
  13. ironman150

    OFF-TOPIC an end to the college student loan fiasco?

    This is NOT Fastlane or Unscripted but I think would solve a big problem we have in todays society. Someone poke holes in this please. The idea: On every loan that is needed for higher education, make the colleges themselves be the automatic co-signer on the loan. I believe a few things...
  14. ironman150

    How to get unlimited mailing lists from your public records offices

    Sure, where would you go to get a list of the owners for property that is 2 years behind on property taxes?
  15. ironman150

    RANT The #1 reason why Brick & Mortar businesses fail.

    The salesman is the one who takes all the risk if they are commissioned based. They are also always "on". Taking phone calls at all hours, handling all the headaches that come along. No weekends off, no vacations. Aside from the owner, they put in more hours than any other employee. In a...
  16. ironman150

    Lines I live by

    You should preach the gospel to all you meet, and when absolutely necessary, use words. mother theresa
  17. ironman150

    RANT The #1 reason why Brick & Mortar businesses fail.

    This is a great post and thread. My first employer (oh so many years ago now) was HUGE into training. He said once that it hurts when they spend so much time and money into training people and then they leave but it was far worse back when they didn't train anyone and the employee stayed.
  18. ironman150

    The coming recession

    Don't forget the tons of money coming from Asia (China to be exact) as they are panicking about a trade war, and some from the middle east looking for higher safe returns.
  19. ironman150

    NOTABLE! The Ultimate Guide On What Books To Read

    this, quite literally, is a thread that will never end and could break the internet by sheer weight. Some gems in here though.
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