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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Web ads

    You might be interested in checking out Chitika. I tried them for a while but they didn't fit my site. They might be good for yours. They're not "technically" contextual. You specify keywords in the coding of each ad's posting. They pay out a lot for digital cameras, generally tech stuff, and...
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Writing a Stupid eBook

    Hah! That page is such an eyesore...but it really does look like so many of the other eBook sites out there. :smx4:
  3. WEB/DIGITAL Advice on Where to Sell My Websites?

    Man those numbers drive me sick with jealousy :) Not enough to buy the sites - no venture capital. But nice job for even having sites that run that well!
  4. Restarting my old business

    Re: Restarting my old buisness Any thought to new branding? "Computer Upgrade and Repair" is such a generic name. I mean bestbuy has "Geeksquad" and whatnot. You could try to have something much catchier than what you currently have that still has a descriptor in the name. If you're targeting...
  5. WEB/DIGITAL 1-800# for website?

    20 a month doesn't sound like that much if you can expect to surpass it easily in sales amounts, I'd say definitely go for it.
  6. Not reported taxes in years

    Let me get this straight - you actually think the country will be able to afford social security when Ted retires? LOL! I'm 27 and am banking on ZERO "big brother" funding. Ted's been living under the radar decently so far - what has he been doing with his money? Saving and/or investing it, or...
  7. O/T: FUNNY Sadness

    I'll always remember the fun we had. We never came close to winning the three-legged races at the family picnics. Heck, we never got past the starting line.
  8. WEB/DIGITAL My new blog

    I was thinking about your site some more throughout my day, Exodia - the comment I made about the category icons kept resonating with me. If there's any way you can make that happen I think it would really be great. College students love (buzzword warning) easily digestible information. If you...
  9. Respect this Forum or Lose It

    Would it be possible to come up with a non-offensive joking term for this community to remind people when they're posting with a negative mindset? I mean like something along the lines of saying in reply to a negative post "man, that's slow lane thinking!" and just leaving it at that rather than...
  10. WEB/DIGITAL My new blog

    Nice clean layout - the logo needs some work, though. It's simple and has a nice mark, but it's maybe a little too simple. Plus the "CM" is off center in the box, and as a graphic designer it's driving me crazy. But I dig the cleanness of the layout. I wonder if there's a more obvious way to...
  11. OFF-TOPIC Azzholes!!

    Re: Assholes!! I know that sucks a lot - when I was living in the city (Rochester) my car was broken into twice. Of course they didn't get anything - it's just a freaking Saturn. But I know the frustration (of having to replace windows). But just take a deep breath, remind yourself it's just a...
  12. O/T: FUNNY Heart Transplant

    HAH! That is hilarious. The subtitles or whatever they're called at the bottom are great. "Real life Frankenstein's Monster 'grateful'" I love the ONN
  13. Real Estate AAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Is it too late to nail a tarp down on that roof just in case? Tell them you're doing routine maintenance to ensure quality? - anything to keep a problem from getting worse (ounce of prevention, pound of cure)...
  14. WEB/DIGITAL My name & picture being deceptively used

    Jeez, seems like an actual potentially good reason for a lawsuit for defamation of character and reimbursement against damaged future earning potential.
  15. O/T: FUNNY How Subprime Mortgages work

    How Subprime works - slides with stick figures, some swearing. But accurate (i think) and funny. :smx4:
  16. What is Happening to Personal Responsibility?

    I regularly read a blog for the "survivalist" minded people. Very interesting mindset. They often post about the falling value of the dollar, impending doom, blah blah blah. Any time it's brought up about people complaining about losing their houses and how evil "the companies" are, etc. the guy...
  17. need business name.

    Labore? Seriously, I work in marketing communications and we've named products before - you have to provide a lot more information. Has to do with labor? What kind of labor? Construction? Housing or commercial? Landscaping? I think of clever puns all the time. Not to strain myself patting...
  18. Phenomenal news: major newspaper story and $10K/mth new cash flow

    Re: Phenomenal news: major newspaper story and $10K/mth new cash That is exciting! You plugged in the money printing machine, didn't you?:idx: Awesome!
  19. WEB/DIGITAL Your Website Sucks!

    I wanted to throw a mini update out there. In the last week or two I've been fairly busy and have had some good things cranking on my site in terms of development. A lot of it's still behind the scenes but I wanted to give credit where it's due and while some of the ideas have been rolling...
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