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  1. Gutzofter

    The ultimate tool for fastlaners

    How would you test the viability of a market place for "finding business ideas"?
  2. Gutzofter

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    What granularity of raw data do you normally want to log?
  3. Gutzofter

    OFF-TOPIC This is how scary AI has become

    If it wasn't for photography we wouldn't have some the art that we do from the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th century. Just try to dream up how humans are going to innovate in an artistic direction. At the end of the day machines are finite. We can still social engineer them. Do...
  4. Gutzofter

    EXECUTION Starting a cleaning business

    You might want to add more channels. Specifically, free. This can help reduce CPA. Another thing is to check your CLTV (repeat business). Referrals are also another channel. Try Google My Business - Free Channel Yelp - Free Channel
  5. Gutzofter

    Getting Your First 10 Sales

    Look at it as hypothesis testing. If you can't make sales to family and friends, it will be very difficult to make sales to total strangers.
  6. Gutzofter

    Successful AdWords guy interested in creating Lead Gen properties - a few questions though...

    Keep the motion going. Concerning the phone number, if you have a gmail account, you can create a "Google Voice" number. It does call forwarding and transcription for messaging. it also can be used in google ads for analytics.
  7. Gutzofter

    Successful AdWords guy interested in creating Lead Gen properties - a few questions though...

    The thing I found was to get in motion as fast as possible - get a sale as soon as possible. Right now you are testing your market. All best laid plans never survive contact with the market and perfect is the enemy of the good. Trying to come up with the perfect domain name in the beginning is a...
  8. Gutzofter

    Do Short Term Rentals have the risk of being a commodity?

    As someone who has a four bedroom home and rents out 1 of the bedrooms on AirBnB, I find two things happenning in our location. One is that competition is increasing, therefore we are differntiating from the other competition. We add continental breakfast and give plenty of information where...
  9. Gutzofter

    INTRO Please welcome an Irish software developer!

    Curious why C# and powershell? Those normally are used more in an enterprise environment.
  10. Gutzofter

    Cryptocurrency a scam?

    It depends on if your an investor or a trader. Which are you?
  11. Gutzofter


    Read the book and listened to the Audible. Value array and attributes. Nice framework
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