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  1. MB2

    Perspective - there's always someone who has it harder

    Well.....You did. You did CHOOSE everything you think that you did NOT choose! Not only you but everyone else. Everything is connected and has a cause! And it's a spiritual topic.
  2. MB2

    My dad is getting screwed

    Damage is done. Forget about it.
  3. MB2

    INTRO Learned the Hard Way

    Time is always now!
  4. MB2

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    You got to start with what you know. Go for low paying gigs, just to get the momentum and have positive feedbacks. Once you rack up good, positive feedback, then you can move onto high paying gigs. Start from where you are friend! Plan and take actions to see what works and what doesn't...
  5. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Really appreciate your reply. Yes you are right. I must release it as quickest as possible. By the end of this year I'll have brought it into the life. Lately I've been little sapped out with enough fire to carry on this. My mind was playing on me. I was just dragging it on. Anyhow, it's time...
  6. MB2

    Finding balance in an unbalanced life

    No friend, you've not missed anything. That's how this Entrepreneur game is. You just have to grind in hard and smart. Get into a feedback loop. Do things with a proper plan. That's how you make it a journey of worthwhile ride. If you know you are on the right path, just press it on man.
  7. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Mind is really the battlefield for success. With correct mindset, nothing is impossible. Correct mindset is simply the mindset of "Taking action/Just do it mentality" Of course after planing! It's ready,aim and fire. Not ready, aim and cower! For last two months, I was having the "momentum...
  8. MB2

    INTRO Getting Unstuck

    Welcome to the forum. You can make it. Read the books, lay down a plan and just take actions. Don't be an action faker because it's not a pretty picture to be honest.
  9. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    A little update: I feel like I've lost in dark not knowing where to move: something need to be changed. I'll figure that out.
  10. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    It should get sh*tty otherwise it ain't worth it. My background is mostly marketing and bit of front end web development, some knowledge in true programming(all self-taught), so there's a huge learning curve to make this happen. This journey will anyway going to help me in long run. I'd like...
  11. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Hey thank you for chiming in. I must admit that, I've never done any complex apps like this. This is completely new for me. Regardless, I'm going to do this, because I honestly see a huge opportunity. More than that, in the process of creating this, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have one heck of...
  12. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    You first create the mockups and user-flow. After that how could you implement the design to the mobile front-end?
  13. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    How did you do the design for the front end? Did you use UI tools and implement it using code or? From the knowledge I've gathered up, what I can conclude is this; first you have to design the UI and then you have to implement it to the front end using the code.Is that the case? I am good on...
  14. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Hey glad to hear that you are enjoying what I 'm documenting. My main skill that I've acquired over the past 3-5 years is online marketing. Along with that I have taught myself HTML and CSS during that time as well. However, the software that I am gonna create is a mobile app.As I said, it's an...
  15. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Happy new year for anyone who follows my progress thread. So how far have I progressed? I've completed the wire frames for the prototype. I am actually completely lost in the desert but I know that I am moving towards the correct destination. The software that I am going to build is a user...
  16. MB2

    INTRO a young man who has a dream

    Hey welcome to the forum! Now you know the correct beliefs to have so start taking right away. Put forth a rough plan for your journey. Then do something that add value to other people. All the best
  17. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Walking in the desert of desertion, I am realizing what true entrepreneurship is. My visualized product requires one heck of a technical know-hows. But it doesn't matter because I am going to solve this problem by problem. I have to admit that I've never built a full software; only command line...
  18. MB2

    Extra-Ordinary by Process

    Extra-Ordinary by Process
  19. MB2

    EXECUTION Journey to unscripted land

    Four months ago, I never knew what true programming really was. Sure I've dabbled around HTML and CSS and I know them more than what I know in other languages. But until recently I've never truly done any proper programming. In last year also, I wanted to learn C thus learn fundamentals of...
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