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  1. Bdenner64

    Andy shoots the breeze with eliquid

    2 heavy hitters. excited to listen to this after work.
  2. Bdenner64

    What is your favorite Landing Page Builder?

    I've played around with a bunch of them, Unbounce is my favorite.
  3. Bdenner64

    EXECUTION Journey to $50k/monthly [On track to $20k/month]

    Don't you wanna be rich? Read em!
  4. Bdenner64

    FORUM NEWS 3....2....1...

    congrats! @MJ DeMarco
  5. Bdenner64

    BOOK How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis

    Seems like a good book. Just picked it up. Thanks for the reviews guys!
  6. Bdenner64

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    I'm from New York. Have no idea what "New York taste" means. But dam those cakes look good. Too bad I can't get one shipped to me...
  7. Bdenner64

    EXECUTION International Sales: Bringing Factories + Buyers Together

    @AgainstAllOdds Brazil trip comin' up. Looking like a celebration?
  8. Bdenner64

    What is the best way to learn copywriting?

    Check out all of @Lex DeVille's threads.
  9. Bdenner64

    Great cold email podcast

    Wouldn't have guessed you would be interested in a cold email podcast @Andy Black ! Also what book?
  10. Bdenner64

    EXECUTION "Put Down The FN Donuts!" (A Journey of Getting Healthy)

    Great to hear from you. Good work brother.
  11. Bdenner64

    BOOK Nominations/Vote: Book Discussion (New Poll Posted!)

    I've seen this recommended a number of times in another thread by guys like @Kak Thick Face, Black Heart By Chin Ning Chu
  12. Bdenner64

    I am taking a long time to choose a startup idea.

    ...Detox. Healthy Brain. Are you serious?
  13. Bdenner64

    MEETUPS Denver/Boulder Meetups

    Yeah I'm down. @Christian McGhee Since you started this thread do you want to organize the meetup? Back in Late Jan, Early Feb we had a small one with myself, @AndrewNC, @AnneC and one more fellow (whose name I forgot, oops) at the Dave and Busters at Westminster. We could do something...
  14. Bdenner64

    MEETUPS Attended a past Summit? Did you know this?

    2018 Summit edit: already got the badge
  15. Bdenner64

    FEATURED! What's going on with Elon Musk? Eccentric or going mad?

    @ChrisV Chill with the exaggerrated font sizes. Bolding and capitalizing text is more than enough emphasis.
  16. Bdenner64

    PSA: Udemy $9.99 Sale For Another Week

    No you won't : Deleting a Thread | The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum
  17. Bdenner64

    PSA: Udemy $9.99 Sale For Another Week

    Udemy literally always has sales lol. I've never bought anything on there for more than $20. Just because they hype of the back to school thing, don't worry and make any impulse buys or shit. When you need a course it will still be there, and for cheap
  18. Bdenner64

    WEB SCHOOL Under 18, know web design but can't get a contract because of age. Any advice?

    Oh and be proud dude. You've started taking action. Cold calling is tough, that's why other people don't do it. Keep it up right now and when you're 20 you may be paying people to cold call for you/getting cold called :)
  19. Bdenner64

    WEB SCHOOL Under 18, know web design but can't get a contract because of age. Any advice?

    Age barrier is all in your head. Its cuz you are looking at it glass half empty. Someone looking at it glass half full would say: it shows drive, an ambition to learn and leverages our generation's reputation as tech-savvy millennials or some shit like that. And btw i'm in the same boat as you...
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