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  1. Everything Fell Apart And Lost Everything

    I'm more curious to what happened to the $18k you were making a month, what did you spend it on? why didn't you save more?
  2. NOTABLE! Porn site owner who enjoys fast lane success IAMA on Reddit

    Traffic? Really? You are really pushing it. What's the difference between swimsuit modelsand porn? soft image or hard core, it's sex selling. Please stop it. We get it, you are anti porn. Good for you.
  3. Do supercars get girls?

    Really? So if a good looking girl is dating a guy that is not rich, great looking or rich something must be wrong with her? What? She must have a bad childhood? No self esteem? Huh? Alpha what? bad boy huh? How about, maybe everything is right with her. Perhaps she judges people by...
  4. FAILURE How great websites become worthless... (Craigslist rant)

    The entire internet, there is this idea that it's so easy to make money online. All you have to do is spam/generate leads, find a site where people frequent and spam it. Any and every site that accepts direct user input and displays it for other users is game. Craigslist, Ebay. Have you...
  5. A New Mental Drill - Works Great Snap You Out Of A Funk!

    I've a routine like this. Let me elaborate, sometimes I think about writing about it, well here we go. I got a few minutes. Every action we take requires the mind. You have to tell yourself to do something, then you do it. Well, what happens in our life is that alot of our actions become...
  6. Real Estate Most Helpful Trade, Rentals?

    Something that happens often and when it happens people NEED it fixed now. Plumbing, Heating, Window & Door replacement.
  7. OFF-TOPIC Australia? The land of opportunities??

    Homelessness is not cool in Australia, Have you seen their bugs and snakes and spiders and all sort of alien creatures? Nah. Not even for a day.
  8. WEB/DIGITAL Takes forever to program my site... Do you also have this problem?

    if you can't program it, hire someone who can program it. be prepared to pay them. you get what you pay for too.
  9. How do you solve a problem when no one knows it's a problem?

    you think the problem is an educational problem? pffffft, it's a cultural problem. you are not going to solve this problem by selling logic, it's going to have to tie in emotionally.
  10. Michigan based

    Oooh Hey. I'm in Southfield. Let's do this. We don't need to wait for the weather to be nice, we can find an indoor area.
  11. Real Estate Buying 2nd home in MI around Taylor, Romulus, Warren, or oak park area...

    He's not going to find nice houses in those areas for that cheap. With the exception of Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids has some nice parts and bad parts.
  12. Real Estate Buying 2nd home in MI around Taylor, Romulus, Warren, or oak park area...

    If I had the cash, I would buy in those areas. I've never dabbled in real estate tho, just my opinion. I will also want any rental I have as close as possible to where I stay at. Not to Hijack the thread, but I see we have a few Michiganders out here. How about we start a fastlane meetup...
  13. OFF-TOPIC What do you drive?

    I have no idea about him, but no way he can be happier in the s2000. lol. I have NSX dreams once a week. :-(
  14. What picture for you represents the Fastlane?

    just being free and happy that i won't need to work for money, but need to work for fufillment and fun. no car or house can represent fastlane. millions in the bank and investment does tho.
  15. OFF-TOPIC What do you drive?

    minivan bus some times
  16. Slowlane clipping coupons and killing your starbucks habit - takes you where?

    michael jackson made billions, mike tyson made hundred of millions, T.O made millions, there are lottery winners that won millions and yet they are all broke. Why? because they didn't spend frugal but friviously. being frugal is a key part of the equation. MJ bought a lambo initially right...
  17. 50K cash right now to invest. What to do?

    the problem with what should i do with $X if you saved for it is this. keep saving until you can think for yourself and figure out what to do. if you won/inherited it, save it until you can figure out what to do with it yourself. if you made it via business, expand if possible or find a new...
  18. Mind of a Millionaire

    I'm not aggressive and abrasive. I use to be, and be so competitive when I was younger. I feel this is the one thing that has kept me behind. I need to rekindle this light again. This documentary is really good.
  19. Slowlane How are you making best of your slow lane?

    The truth is that a lot of us on this forums are on the slow lane with dreams of switching to the fast lane. But very few have switched yet. I'm not in the fast lane that's the truth. I'm in the slow lane. I hope to be able to switch to fast lane as soon as I can, but in the mean time...
  20. Slowlane clipping coupons and killing your starbucks habit - takes you where?

    frugality is important to making money, and is also important in retaining it. if you are not frugal, you won't be able to save, and when an opportunity that requires money arrives, you can't execute! if you are not frugal and make a lot of money, you will piss it away sooo fast living the life...
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