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  1. Arizona

    I live in Arizona and love it too! I'm from Sun Valley, Idaho, home of an (amazing) ski resort. Even though I can appreciate winter sports... after growing up in snow, dealing with snow, driving in snow, and crashing on ice, I completely agree on the "bake for 3 months vs shovel for 6". Well...
  2. Beer & Pancakes 2010 info

    Hey just wanted to say it was great to take some of you on an apartment tour on Saturday. Thanks for coming out! :hurray:
  3. Real Estate Las Vegas Real Estate Market....

    Actually that house deal and one subsequent deal have fallen through.:smxE: We're back to the drawing board but still looking!
  4. OFF-TOPIC Lambo

    I personally think the Sharpie Lambo looks amazing. I admire the detail and creativity that went into it.
  5. OFF-TOPIC Hangout this Saturday UFC 87 (Arizona)?

    I'm almost certain JesseO will be interested.:thumbsup:
  6. OFF-TOPIC Reco on good restaurants in Phoenix?

    Biophase...there are a TON of good restaurants and lots of bars up there. Rico's is good if you're in the mood for Italian; the Roosevelt Grill is right on Main street and has good burgers; The Pioneer Saloon serves prime rib; but the China Panda is probably our favorite in Ketchum. The lady who...
  7. OFF-TOPIC Reco on good restaurants in Phoenix?

    I am incredibly jealous. I was born and raised mere miles from Ketchum, Idaho. Unfortunately I was unable to schedule a trip out there this enjoy my beautiful hometown for me! :)
  8. OFF-TOPIC Reco on good restaurants in Phoenix?

    Speaking as a recent Phoenix resident, the triple digits really aren't that bad, but people love to complain about them :P... Biophase, where are you going in Idaho? Just curious as a native Idahoan. :)
  9. OFF-TOPIC Cooking Recipes

    My fettuccine alfredo seems to be a hit... Fettuccine Alfredo: 1 package fettuccine 1 pint heavy or whipping cream 3-4 cloves of minced garlic (to taste) Salt and pepper (to taste) About 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese 2 Tbs. butter Enough shrimp or chicken to satisfy (optional) Start a pot of...
  10. Invisible Mode

    JesseO is crazy...if he is home, he has access to at least one fully functional, internet ready computer at all times. :P I'm not sure why he considers himself having internet access "a rare time or two at home". Lol.
  11. OFF-TOPIC MS offering Office for 59.99 to students.

    I feel I must mention that the 0.5 credit hours they speak of actually means half time, not half a credit. Microsoft chose a bad way to convey this...especially since you are required to repay the $700-something full price tag if you are found to not meet the requirements. Ahh the fine print...
  12. O/T: FUNNY Automotive Iconography

    I don't remember who sent these to me or where they're from...but perhaps you'll appreciate them.:smxB: (Sorry the text on them is a little small)
  13. OFF-TOPIC Living near family

    Having just moved, I can say that it is truly wonderful to live near family. Hubby's family is here in Phoenix and my dad and sister have FINALLY decided I was close enough to visit and are here with us for the week. I grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho (which incidentally is a wonderful place to...
  14. OFF-TOPIC Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info

    re: Beer & Pancakes 2008 Info "Come on guys and gals! Pony up!" (No clue how to quote things on this forum...can you tell I'm mostly a lurker?) Would love to, but the registration fee is a "no can do" in our humble beginnings. Hopefully we can catch dinners or just say hello afterwards...
  15. NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    -Lifeguard (sitting in the heat all day and cleaning locker rooms at night) -Office assistant (Filing sucks, but paid well) -Waitress/Cook at a tea place (I actually really enjoyed this job, until they decided I didn't need tips) -Sales clerk at a small snobby boutique (This job was pretty...
  16. Show us your mug!

    Edit: Woops, how do I delete this?
  17. O/T: FUNNY What motivates you?

    I have many good points;)
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