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  1. Brian Fleig

    O/T: FUNNY Man stole $122m from FB & Google by sending them bills.....which they paid.

    I owned a staffing business years ago billing hospitals for labor. It occurred to me then that it would be easy to submit fake bills. Step one is knowing your target industry's threshold for kicking the invoice to a second level for scrutiny/approval vs paying at the clerk level. Back in the...
  2. Brian Fleig

    Sideproject: 1 backyard - 2 weekends - 5 figure income

    Can you define "Garden"? To me that conjures images of 100' x 100' rototilled and planted with vegetables. Also, how do you rent a bathroom with toilets and showers? A nearby building?
  3. Brian Fleig

    Elizabeth Warren: Break up Big Tech

    Posturing for attention. The next year, I suspect, will bring more and more outrageous ideas as they try to out-outrageous each other. Aside from that: A) Who would benefit from Face Book or Twitter being broken up? B) How could they be broken up? Neither is like a media company from which...
  4. Brian Fleig

    RANT Why do we love losers?

    I counted 4/4 posts in a single thread where lose/loser/losing are actually spelled correctly. My faith in humanity just jumped 20 points.
  5. Brian Fleig

    Idea Goldmine

    I like to make sure I have peanut butter and grape jelly to use on left over burger buns but that CANNOT be applied to hot dog buns. Because it just isn't right. Also, no grape jelly = throw away the burger buns.
  6. Brian Fleig

    What if the idea is too expensive? Also are these excuses?

    Does someone sell a book of snappy yet current buzz words that impress? Do these vague statements packed full of buzz words actually convert? I know I'm coming off as a smart a$$ but I seriously wonder. Here’s what you needed to say. ===================================== Hi fastlaners, my...
  7. Brian Fleig

    What happens when you quit your job?

    I spent 80% of my adult life without health insurance. I'm 57 and don't have health insurance now and haven't had it the last 15 or 20 years. I was lucky enough to never need it but the bottom line is whether you have it or don't have it you're gambling. I've never had even a minute of concern...
  8. Brian Fleig

    Is this too ambitious of an idea?

    There is an app in my area similar to uber doing snow plowing and lawn mowing, I think it's called plowz and mowz. Yup found it: Anyway, for what it's worth, they setup a web site listing features a year before it was available. At oleast it wasn't available to me...
  9. Brian Fleig

    Idea - making furniture, need advice

    I started teaching myself wood work (different than carpentry) about 10 months ago. So far I have at least $1k into tools and probably over 100 hours of video watching, mostly Youtube, in addition to reading magazines and articles then another couple hundred hours of practice and $1 or $2k in...
  10. Brian Fleig

    GOLD! The CENTS Business Commandments for Entrepreneurs

    I just now wrote it out on my whiteboard for reference. :)
  11. Brian Fleig

    FEATURED! Dressing For Success... Stop looking like a fool.

    To me that look, including the hair mousse, says I'm faking it till I make it. But that's me and I'm not even sure where I picked up that assessment.
  12. Brian Fleig

    The Only Skill YOU Need To FastLane

    I have had a few pure sales jobs over the years but mostly sales has always been secondary to what I'm doing. Through the years I have been to many a mandatory "sales" seminar although it's usually labeled "customer service". Anyway, the main take away that I will never forget is that no matter...
  13. Brian Fleig

    And what exactly is wrong with Passion?

    Yes, can't disagree. Hopefully his passion transfers from the product to the scaling of it.
  14. Brian Fleig

    And what exactly is wrong with Passion?

    I get what the OP is saying. People are more likely to buy from a guy who is passionate (and knowledgeable) about the product than someone who's not. He is not trying to say he's selling passion, he's selling passionately. He's making a living doing what he loves AND it's scale-able. How many of...
  15. Brian Fleig

    INTRO Introduction

    @MJ DeMarco I apologize in advance for the long post. Hey all. I am excited to be here. I have read all of TMF and I'm about 70% into Unscripted on Kindle. While some of if not a lot of what was said I realized I had been doing/thinking at least in part there is much in those books that...
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