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  1. MEETUPS Looking for a mentor

    I need a mentor. My business is in education. I'm currently making 7k usd a month. But I work a lot. I also study full time at university. I need advice in hiring, negotiating, quality control etc.
  2. MEETUPS Looking for friends?

    I live in Qatar. I'm 21. I study finance. I make 7k usd per month working in education. If you want to be my friend, hit me up!
  3. LANDFILL Opportunity in Qatar (Middle east)

    Born there and currently studying finance.
  4. LANDFILL Opportunity in Qatar (Middle east)

    Do you have any ideas?
  5. LANDFILL Opportunity in Qatar (Middle east)

    Also, if you can think of any opportunities in Qatar. I reside there, have contacts and can help you.
  6. LANDFILL Opportunity in Qatar (Middle east)

    There are several opportunities in Qatar. One of the most obvious is the Qatari only IPOs. In Qatar, there are IPOs that are opened for Qataris only. These IPOs are sold at books value and always rise in value after the buying is open for all people. I was thinking that if we can make a...
  7. LANDFILL Opportunity in Qatar (Middle east)

    Want to do something in Qatar? Hit me up.
  8. INTRO Introduction

    Yes. I have read MFL fully. I have read a summary of unscripted.
  9. Is a love relationship a good investment?

    Now this is a high value answer
  10. INTRO Introduction

    My name is Mo. I'm 21, live in Qatar. I study finance and economics. I'm interested in business opportunities, long term relationships, education and mindset improvement, self development, health and sex. I'm also possibly interested in getting a residency or citizenship in a country where I can...
  11. Is a love relationship a good investment?

    Where does a love relationship fit in the fastlane framework? Given that love costs money.
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