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  1. iizu

    Shall I make the prototype myself? / Some good, trusted companies in the U.K?

    I've always found it so funny and confusing when english speakers use the word product. A product, for me, is something physical that you can touch and feel. A software or a service on a computer screen is - well - a software or a service. Your post is the prime example of this confusion: The...
  2. iizu

    Inventing for the first time, after years of experience with importing

    Good luck! I think this looks pretty cool. And can hold up to 12 cards: Titanium - Burnt They offer it in Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon fiber.. Make a steel version? :)
  3. iizu

    Cal Newport podcast: Digital Minimalism

    I listened the newest TMBA podcast, and in that one he mentioned many times that we are now beyond tips, tricks and lifehacks. Basically, you need to: Get completely rid off the digital world, face the temporary void, go out and connect with people.
  4. iizu

    OFF-TOPIC What Countries and Places Offer the Best Life Quality?

    How about southern France? Always thought of it as a nice place. Weather should be good, taxes are medium at least when comparing with Finland :D. Friendly environment? You tell me.
  5. iizu

    Prototype vs. Validation vs. Patent. What to do first?

    You will get the benefit of first to file with the provisional patent. You should do that first. Then you should try to validate your idea and make connections. This will help you sell the idea. Then try to sell your idea to an engineering company.
  6. iizu

    What happens when you quit your job?

    It's easy in Finland. Everybody just gets free healthcare. Don't matter what's your condition. Even self-induced stuff(alcoholism, drugs, metabolic disease) is fully taken care by the society. On the other hand: if you make 100k€ salary a year, you pay about 45% in taxes and unemployment fees.
  7. iizu

    Crowdfunding or Accepting a loan for product manufacturing

    I'd say take the money also. But try to get atleast some market validation before you get the loan. Depending on your product, it can take a lot more money than your original quote/estimation from the supplier. Because 45k$ sounds like custom molds and tools...
  8. iizu

    Get to the point

    Hello Sir, I'm writing to tell you that I know you're very busy and I must keep my forthcoming question very brief. So can I ask you a question?
  9. iizu

    How should I do the design process?

    ^What he said :) Maybe you should open a progress thread? But to keep this thread on track: -Learning to use CAD is definitely not a bad idea. That's a skill you can use to make money later. -Things to learn: Injection Molding, 3D-printing, CNC-machining. -You might be able to get help from...
  10. iizu

    How should I do the design process?

    If your product has some unique functional feature, then you could file a provisional patent yourself. If it's unique in just the way it looks, then you'd need to file a design patent. I would not try to file a full utility patent myself. Cad Crowd is probably good for beautiful designs, but it...
  11. iizu

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    I actually managed to get a quote from China. They are specialized in protoypes only. The quote is what I expected it to be, about 1300$ which is a fair price for this kind of job from my experience. They also accept Paypal. But my only concern is that the Paypal is registered in free email...
  12. iizu

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Hi Walter, Thanks for the revised edition! the K-Mart Supplier list is golden. You'll instantly know that they are legit. My question: I'm looking to have a prototype made. It needs to be CNC-machined. The final product will be made with a different manufacturing method. Do you think it would...
  13. iizu

    Landing page?

    Try, they have a great builder and ready templates. It's pricey, but you can cancel it anytime. Worked for me.
  14. iizu

    RANT I want to be a world-class X without the world-class effort! Tell me how!

    Great write-up. This will encourage people to get a job. The greatest thing about having a job is that you can afford to be patient. You don't come out as desperate when offering your services or products. If you get rejected, big deal. Try again. What else should you do with your free time...
  15. iizu

    OFF-TOPIC Enchroma Glasses - A True Productocracy

    What the hell. Didn't even know these existed! Thank you, @jasoncuellar123 I knew I am colorblind, but it's really hard to imagine how the world would look like, when all you know is "this" :D I mean that's a truly great product. Must have took years of research and development. No need to...
  16. iizu

    INTRO Greetings from Estonia!

    Hello, Southern neighbor! :) At least you guys have way more relaxed business tax laws down there. I'm thinking of incorporating in Estonia when it's time. Construction is huge right now, you should be able to make a killing in that field. Welcome!
  17. iizu

    Enhance, Davison, for licensing and prototype

    1. Consider testing the markets with photo-realistic renderings of your products before making expensive physical products 2. 8-15k sounds way too much. You can find engineers from Upwork to design the product for you. 3. If your product is small enough, you can 3D-print it. Metal, plastic and...
  18. iizu

    How do you find out if there is a need for it?

    By 50% ROAS, do you mean 1 € ad spend generates 1.5 € revenue?
  19. iizu

    Market validation and product mock-up

    Well now you have to decide if that's enough feedback for you to move on. I mean it would be nice to have 100% certainty that your product turns out to be a success. That any money you invest in it now will come back to you 100x. That would be so nice, safe and comfortable.. But that's not...
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