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  1. The qualities that every entrepreneur must obtain

    Delegation should cover the skills you don't have.
  2. The short, random wisdom thread (needs mentioning, but not a thread!)

    If you wanna be an artist, you're gonna have to create something new/original. Copying others' work isn't going to get you very far.
  3. EXECUTION Game Store Project and Travel

    Does this include taxes ?
  4. My critique on the commandment of entry

    I'm pretty sure there has been a higher "need"(or more like mild interest in this example) then supply only years ago, off course nobody who applied CENTS joined in, because they knew supply would only increase due to the low barrier-of-entry.
  5. Amazon guys who work in the millions, are these guys numbers right?

    7.1 million minus 6.3 million = 0.8 milllion or 800k dunno how long this took, but it seems like a nice margin to me.
  6. Indie game empires common?

    The "common" business model in gaming is to make a big hit game and make all or most of it's revenue in the first year, during which new competing games with better graphics take over their sales. This is a high-risk business model, which is why some developers rather make games for publishers...
  7. EXECUTION Road To $1B Hedge Fund

    Why do you want to make your own bot ? Do you think you can make it just as profitable as the one you're selling ?? Maybe keep doing what you're doing (selling bots) and test other bots for if/when your current bot's yield declines, this should also put you in place to establish a hedgefund...
  8. Can one be too innovative? I'm ready to give up.

    Who is your target-customer ? Most people who go to conferences enjoy going to conferences, if they wouldn't they would 've switched to Skype or another service decades ago. Instead of trying to take away on the process try to add value to it instead.
  9. Blue Collar Recession

    If companies are having trouble hiring personel, this will effect these companies and thus the economy; basically the economy can't grow without more workers, if it can't grow for a while there is a good chance it will shrink instead.(after which it can grow again)
  10. OFF-TOPIC Venezuela Inflation Rates

    No it will not "bounce back" Venezuela has long since lost track of whatever the "mean" was. Sometimes the market overreacts(to bad news of the economy), and a while later gets rectified, problem is, if value goes down for a longer period, a little "overreaction" becomes a normal reaction that...
  11. Question about Facebook marketing

    1) Yes, post in other's posts, but preferably only if you have something to add, nobody is gonna get curious about your page is you write "great post" . 2)You should figure out how long ad-money takes to pay itself back(immediate sales + organic growth) then figure out what you're comfortable...
  12. RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Not everyone has relatives everywhere, and most airplane customers have enough money. Off course you'd be targeting high-class customers.
  13. Dealing with a farting dog (Idea? Opportunity?)

    Try walking the dog four times a day
  14. I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    People ARE selfish, and they should be. Who's going to dress you up in the morning, then make you breakfast ? Who 's going to work your job or fastlane-enterprise so you can have an income ? Who's going to pay for all the things you need/want in life ? Mother Teresa said you gotta help the...
  15. RANT I've had enough

    Or find a company that already makes them and do some importing/dropshipping.
  16. Need help in magic business.

    magic:the gathering ? tarot ? other magic ? who are your customers that you can do deliveries yourself ??
  17. Shared Hosting vs. VPS - How do I deliver the problem/solution?

    Maybe you should start by being realistic about your product; Security: You 're a start-up, so you're prone to making mistakes the big providers spend gazillions on security so they won't get hacked, they're also long in the game. (btw, VPS MIGHT be an extra layer of security(=good) but it...
  18. NOTABLE! "Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

    Hmm, my point was about entry; more people have a laptop + internet-connection then there are people living in your area.
  19. NOTABLE! "Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

    Why would it need to be a 100% remote way ? You re limiting your own possibilities with this kind of mind-set. You can be a dropshipper but you 'll only start competiting with all the other dropshippers, which is pretty much everyone and their mom.(yes everyone wants to make money with easy...
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