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  1. gurnays

    Grant Cardone Sales Training University

    If interested you can inbox me on here and we can work it out from there.
  2. gurnays

    Seeking Marketing Advice To Grow Audience

    As long as people convert, do what works best.
  3. gurnays

    Seeking Marketing Advice To Grow Audience

    Are you familiar with any of the 25 cognitive bias's? If not below is a link to check them out. I was listening to a Tai Lopez talk and he said that we should create a "lollapalooza effect' Which is when you get 5 cognitive bias's working in your favor for the prospect to convert. With so...
  4. gurnays

    BOOK Biographies or companies that ascended during depressions or recessions?

    I would also highly recommend "Sam Walton Made in America" by Sam Walton. My favorite chapter is 17 which list Sam Walton's 10 rules for running a successful company. Below are the 10 1. Commit 2. Share 3. Motivate 4. Communicate 5. Appreciate 6. Celebrate 7. Listen 8. Exceed 9. Control 10...
  5. gurnays

    NLP. Why hasn't this been talked about yet?

    I just started reading the book The Essential Guide to NLP. I highly recommend the book if you are struggling with depression, procrastinating, and just lack of drive. I'm just curious why hasn't NLP been talked about on the forums already and is anybody using it?
  6. gurnays

    Subscription Box Business PROS/CONS

    Do you mind me asking what your subscription box brand is?
  7. gurnays

    Shopify VS Cratejoy

    Hello guys, I'm creating a subscription box company and I'm stuck between using Shopify or Cratejoy for my website. I want to know what your experiences are with Shopify and Cratejoy. What do you think would be a better pick? Thank you in advance for answering.
  8. gurnays

    Ambitious Adventures "A Traveling Entrepreneur Show"

    I'm not a part of it, but I'd love to be paid to travel.
  9. gurnays

    Ambitious Adventures "A Traveling Entrepreneur Show"

    In other words, I was dumb to give money to the venture.
  10. gurnays

    Ambitious Adventures "A Traveling Entrepreneur Show"

    What's up guys! I came across this Kick starter campaign and it's about entrepreneurs traveling the world to discover other entrepreneurs and hear their struggles and success. Basically it's a reality T.V. show for entrepreneurs. Here is a link to the campaign to see what it's about...
  11. gurnays

    NOTABLE! Who Do They Think They Are?!

    What is it about Tony Robbins that you noticed that you didn't totally like?
  12. gurnays

    Chronic laziness. How to overcome?

    Life is about pain and pleasure. You have to re-frame in your mind that working will bring you more pleasure than laying around. Ex. If I keep laying around I will just stay stagnant in life and if I stay stagnant in life I will not be able to progress and If I will not be able to progress I...
  13. gurnays

    Subscription Box Business PROS/CONS

    How do you plan on marketing your business?
  14. gurnays

    Subscription Box Business PROS/CONS

    Thank You, I've seen most of this. Do you own a subscription business?
  15. gurnays

    Subscription Box Business PROS/CONS

    Hello guys, Do any of you own a subscription box or based business? If so, what are some of the pros/cons? Do you have any general advice for me or anyone else that want to start a subscription box business? Thank You
  16. gurnays

    NOTABLE! Buy a float tank. Change your life.

    Ok, I just did the float today. It was $60 for an hour and half. I went in there thinking I knew what to expect, but I couldn't ever get situated. I honestly wanted to get out before my time. I wasn't fulfilled with my experience. I honestly don't feel any different from the time I got in...
  17. gurnays

    Questions to millionaires and wealthy people

    @Vigilante are you from Iowa?
  18. gurnays

    NOTABLE! Buy a float tank. Change your life.

    I'm going to do a float in the next couple of weeks. I will let everyone know how it went and how I felt. Thank you for sharing!
  19. gurnays

    GOLD! The final solution to all "I have some money what do I do?" threads.

    Thank you for this. The last sentence just summed it up well. I will forever remember "Spend your money in a way that causes it to be multiplied rather than consumed"
  20. gurnays

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    My Grandmother sells ink/toner cartridges, how could she use amazon to make money? I feel as if there are a lot of cartridges on amazon, I'm just curious to how she would be purchased from.
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