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  1. ddzc

    Is 2.5k$ on domain name worth it? Facts inside

    I would never use or invest in anything other than a .com. Either be creative and register an available .com or keep an eye out for pre-release and expiring domains up for auction with your keywords in it. Stay away from .info, especially for an authoritative business. I would rather use the...
  2. ddzc

    Best Way to Purchase and Transfer a Private Domain

    To answer your questions. 1. Sounds legit. Paypal and Escrow are the two widely used platforms used when transacting with domains. I personally don't trust Paypal though, so I would use Escrow. I've flipped and sold many domains through Escrow with 0 issues, both sides are protected. 2...
  3. ddzc

    EXECUTION Bought 2 new websites from Shopify Exchange

    Absolutely love this thread and the progress thus far. I hope both businesses explode. Do you sell International or US only? I've been playing around with Google Ads myself lately. Have you found that certain campaign methods are driving more sales than others (for eg, sales/gmail...
  4. ddzc

    Instagram Entrepreneurs Truth (MUST READ)

    All this coming from a guy who does podcasts with his bright yellow Ferrari as a backdrop. Oh, the irony.
  5. ddzc

    EXECUTION International Sales: Bringing Factories + Buyers Together

    From an Importers point of view, this is a much needed service and glad to see someone executing on such a highly valuable need in this area and sector. If I found a service like yours for the many imports I've done throughout the years, I can't even imagine the amount of money and time I would...
  6. ddzc

    Just maxed out personal credit card on business expenses

    Such a vague question with not much background. In general: 1. No, you shouldn't carry credit card debt. The interest is ridiculous, why would you even be willing to pay interest on a credit card when you have cash in the bank to pay it off? 2. Quitting a high paying job to struggle and build...
  7. ddzc

    Buying a Domain that is Taken

    Have you tried entering the URL in to your browser? 90% of the time, you’ll end up on a landing page to make an offer or contact the owner. Also search for the domain on godaddy auctions, sedo, afternic. Domain investors will have it listed on those three marketplaces. Sent from my iPhone...
  8. ddzc

    WEB SCHOOL Which domain sounds right?

    All of these names are bad, I wouldn't use any of them. I recommend this site - Lean Domain Search. You can type in keywords and it will give you domain name suggestions which are not registered. With a bit of creativity, a good name which resembles your service shouldn't be too difficult to...
  9. ddzc

    Wrestling with the new Google Ads interface

    Hey @Andy Black , Hope all is well! I've been playing around with the new interface for the past couple of weeks and I really like it, seems well organized and easy to maneuver around with modifying and changing things on the fly. I noticed something new (might be a bit old by now - haven't...
  10. ddzc

    NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    We should preach legitimate ways on growing an Instagram account and following. Instagram doesn't allow automation tools to auto follow/unfollow, like, comment, etc. I'm surprised no one has been banned yet. Even myself, using these tools have crossed my mind a few times, but I don't want to...
  11. ddzc

    EXECUTION Our Kickstarter Is Live! Follow Along!

    [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. ddzc

    History of the Fastlane Meetup (formerly Beer and Pancakes)

    Who can forget the sofa flipper LOL, the presentation was awesome. I always perform the best in front of crowds when winging it. I usually buckle when it's all memorized or scripted.
  13. ddzc

    OFF-TOPIC What kind of mattress do you own?

    I once bought a slim mattress because it went with my modern bed frame, looked great, but was awful and not comfortable one bit. I returned it and dropped some extra cash on a fat clunker - it's a Beautyrest hotel diamond 5. This mattress is unbelievably comfy, 0 back problem, fall asleep in...
  14. ddzc

    History of the Fastlane Meetup (formerly Beer and Pancakes)

    I didn't even know about the drama until after the event lol, so it was all transparent to me. Met some awesome people, loved the Houston nightlife.
  15. ddzc

    History of the Fastlane Meetup (formerly Beer and Pancakes)

    I was actually at this meetup, was a great time.
  16. ddzc

    NOTABLE! Growing your Instagram account, strategy and discussion

    Agree. Build good quality content, buy some ads on Instagram which aren't expensive, and reach out to influencers. That's all. OP, stop the follow, comment, unfollow tactic, every day a bunch of people do this technique on my instagram and it's f'n annoying. I block them right away.
  17. ddzc

    OFF-TOPIC Why Ferraris Keep People Poor

    meh, I love cars and bikes and will always buy them. Just don't make them overtake your life and become a distraction for you, that's all, have self control. If you can't control yourself, then yes, don't buy anything. Simple stuff.
  18. ddzc

    MEETUPS The Official 2018 Fastlane Summit Event Thread

    We need two summits a year :) Totally missed the ticket sale date. Have fun everyone, looking forward to seeing the pics.
  19. ddzc

    How important is your credit score?

    Dead on. Credit scores and profiles are important, even for business. When I opened my business and got business credit cards, the first thing they checked was my credit score. If it was low, it could have been declined or the limit would have been low. I use my cc for many purchases...
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