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  1. The Lost Entrepreneur, Needs Your Advice!

    sheeeesh I felt this one, thanks for your insight my man!
  2. GOLD! GO TO COLLEGE... A little Rant.

    In my respectable opinion, college is what you make it (fun) but I do not recommend it unless you are going to a prestigious school with the intent on leveling up your connections. Most of the classes, homework, and exams itself are pointless and based off of memorization and not actual hands...
  3. The Lost Entrepreneur, Needs Your Advice!

    Hello all, I'm a 21 year old 3rd year university student studying economics and finance (pointless I know) But I need your advice Probably like some of you, I've always been an aspiring entrepreneur whom has attempted to start various businesses and have had my overwhelming fair share of...
  4. GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Finished the book in 3 days, phenomenal book!
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