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  1. deepestblue

    Why 'good enough' isn't enough

    ^ So much this. Going the extra miles on overdelivery whether you're a grocery bagger right now or a CFO of a Fortune 50 company separates long term successes from long term dabblers. Take this forum for example: As far as I can tell no stone has been left unturned to deliver a...
  2. deepestblue

    How do i create trust in the fastlane for my slowlane girlfriend?

    Time and time again, the conversion occurs instantaneously when sizable checks come in. Work on that - for yourself though - not her. Good progress so far, keep it up and before long you'll be leveling up.
  3. deepestblue

    WEB SCHOOL Problems You Will Face With Slowlane Parents

    Once your first few paying clients start coming in, the parents may not change their tune, but at least you're setting yourself up for a lifetime of freedom. Keep at it with the cold calling and whatever you're doing to take action toward your goals. Many friends and relatives possess the...
  4. deepestblue

    Business Validation as a Service

    The fact that you produced a sample report shows that as you know, you are in fact very serious about this; this is something most would not do. A closing summary would be beneficial. A rigorous financial analysis would be of help to a client. A dive into the specific profit centers, SG&A...
  5. deepestblue

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    Agreed with the sentiments in the previous post re: the overall approach to meeting people. In my experience no matter the venue or event, connecting isn't about supplication from either party but more about shooting the shit and meeting people that you vibe with organically.
  6. deepestblue

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    Open networking events or meetups involving instruction of some kind feature the opportunity to make very solid connections. If your experience differs, that's cool. I wouldn't recommend "referral" networking groups however.
  7. deepestblue

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    Additionally you can attend business networking events to meet people on the same path. The energy of success and positivity at many of these events is contagious.
  8. deepestblue

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    You could try for their hiking groups or cooking groups or things like that, where there will be a wide range of people. As MJ states, as you go forward, you will be naturally in sync with those of like mind who are going for things in life.
  9. deepestblue

    NOTABLE! 5 Step Guide To Hiring a Rockstar VA To Handle Your Business

    Great post and I concur re: They are the real thing.
  10. deepestblue

    I just put my house up for sale and no one I know understands why

    Congrats on having a gf with a similar outlook and philosophy - it's the only way imo. I'd sell and move to her apt if I were you. Renting it out would take up mindshare that should be focused on building your business up.
  11. deepestblue

    RANT All Meetings Are A Vain Waste Of Time - No Exceptions!

    The board of directors were mostly business owners who made their own schedules. I'd sit there in the meetings imagining I had time freedom like them. It helped tremendously in retrospect. They gave something to aim for.
  12. deepestblue

    Pornography: Fastlane or Dead Business?

    The only way to know if you'll attract customers is to give it a go. Might want to do some testing first to ensure whether it seems viable.
  13. deepestblue

    Youtube's #1 Earner is a 7 Year Old Who Plays with Toys article - How This 7-Year-Old Made $22 Million Playing With Toys
  14. deepestblue

    INTRO Wow thinking different

    I know a dude who quit his job to start a cupcake shop and has now opened multiple locations. I thought the same thing about profit potential etc. Turns out I was wrong.
  15. deepestblue

    I Need Advice: Has Anyone Here Own a Salon or Barbershop?

    Agreed with the poster who stated to ask for the statements. Ask for the accountant-audited balance sheet/income statement for the last X years.
  16. deepestblue

    Is it okay to launch my motivational membership site under a pseudonym?

    So many names out there in the marketplace are indeed pen names / stage names. This is showbiz. IMO if it's good enough for Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain it's good enough for just about any one.
  17. deepestblue

    I've got to fire my brother.

    You have been in business for 16 years. You have been through a lot in that time. The most important thing you have learned, is how to get back up. And keep at it. Better days are ahead. You know this, I know this. From the perch of the new reality you create, you will look back on all of...
  18. deepestblue

    O/T: HEALTH Changing my life and it feels amazing

    Congrats, you look 20 years younger! The sky is not the limit - there are no limits. Well done my dude.
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