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  1. Colibri

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Several members praise it: No one will mentor me! Wait, no, that's too hard!
  2. Colibri

    IMPORTANT! How to add the "Fastlane App" to Your Smartphone

    That is a great idea! I could never really get used to Tapatalk, so buggy. FYI, you can do exactly the same on your computer and add TFF as an app icon on your desktop, Dock, etc. with apps like Unite: Unite for macOS Though it is more relevant on mobile for sure.
  3. Colibri

    GOLD! 29 Years old: Just bought my 2nd Lambo (not clickbait)

    That's one fancy car! Congratulations man, your journey is inspiring. Now you reap the benefits of years of PROCESS. I bet to some people you are an overnight success (or a drug dealer, hence the trip to Mexico ;)). Thanks for sharing, and please continue to do so.
  4. Colibri

    NOTABLE! If you could only pass on one life lesson to everyone on this forum, what would it be?

    "Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75." - Benjamin Franklin Your most precious resource is time. Cherish every second that passes, make it a priority to do the things that matter to you, and constantly seek progress in all aspects of your life. (and bookmark this thread. As...
  5. Colibri

    INTRO My "what the F*ck have I done with my life" moment..

    Well-worded. May this F*ck This Event fuel your determination for a better life!
  6. Colibri

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    Yes, #1 best-seller. Congrats! Over the past 2 weeks, I've seen many Facebook posts in private groups from a guy promoting the book. He said he was the one who kick-started this French Translation, getting you in touch with the publisher. Loads of comments, shares, and enthusiasm. I foresee an...
  7. Colibri

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    I bought this backpack 3 years ago, for about €100. It's neatly organised, quite solid and serves multiple purposes (everyday work, trip, light grocery shopping...). Multiple compartments for laptop, pens, books and folders, side and hidden pockets... It can even be 'expanded' if more room is...
  8. Colibri

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    Just shared the link with a few friends, they all pre-ordered multiple copies :)
  9. Colibri

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    Great news! I guess since this is a different publisher you can't offer us wholesale prices like you do with the English version, correct?
  10. Colibri

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    100% accurate. In 2011 I bought a new computer and decided to get rid of the internal CD player and install an SSD in its place. The system runs on the SSD and I can store files in the regular hard-drive. It's been more than 7 years and I can't complain, my computer still runs like a beast.
  11. Colibri

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    One of the best value I paid for recently is the Xiaomi Mi Band. I really could not care less about how many steps I have taken during the day, or how many hours of deep sleep I had during the night. I don't use it as a "fitness tracker", but rather as a useful reminder for many things. I...
  12. Colibri


    This one took longer to read than TMFL, but boy was it worth it. I loved how every single step of the process is described in great details.
  13. Colibri

    INTRO Brewing up a business

    One idea currently in my mind is this one: most microbrewers here sell their beers either in bottles or kegs. Nowadays people hate cans because of the image it conveys (metallic taste, homeless guy in the street, etc.). But the trend is starting to change and cans are getting popular. I foresee...
  14. Colibri

    INTRO Brewing up a business

    It might be a good idea to write a book about it, yes. That would help to gain authority and bring traffic. That is exactly the path my company is following, and I intend to delegate the time-consuming part of the business as soon as possible to focus on high-value-added activities. Agreed...
  15. Colibri

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I first listened to the book on Audible, then got a physical copy and read it. Now at least once a week I'm reviewing my notes and sharing them with people that I know will benefit from it.
  16. Colibri

    INTRO Brewing up a business

    Indeed @Kid , that will be part of the classes and online certifications. Where did you get this idea from? Do you have successful examples where you live? Thanks for your input @Scot . ABInBev is the enemy, craft breweries unite! :D BTW, I forgot to mention that I'm not alone in the business...
  17. Colibri

    INTRO Brewing up a business

    Hello Fastlaners, The title, which I borrowed from a book by Dogfish Head Brewery founder, says it all: I brew beer for a living. I make it, I taste it (the least lucrative yet best part of the job), I sell it, I buy other brewers’ beers as well and retail them at the shop. They say it is every...
  18. Colibri

    Stop Action Faking - Become Hyper-Effective Using Gleeo App

    Well, you actually CAN pay them since they seem to have some kind of Premium for sync, and a Web App that you can use on desktop: Pricing I have recently been playing around with SetApp ("The Netflix of Apps"), and found this: Timing: the best automatic Mac time tracker for productive...
  19. Colibri

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    Nah, I never saw it for sale so it must have been indeed a handful of people that got it. Trédaniel is a very good publisher BTW.
  20. Colibri

    The Millionaire Fastlane, French Edition

    Good that you decided to get the French version a new print. Since the former edition sold out a few years ago, you have no idea how craved your book has become. I wouldn't be surprised to see that some people made PDF copies of the book to get money out of it. So, good decision to get it out again!
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