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  1. JesseO

    WEB/DIGITAL Tips for improving performance of your websites

    50+ Tips and Resources to Improve Your Site’s Speed and Performance | Web Hosting Unleashed
  2. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC Annoyingly Addictive!!

    9.982 and 9.987 so far...
  3. JesseO

    What would you have majored in?

    Well I haven't technically gone to college, but if I did then I would probably cover business management, real estate, and financing. It's interesting seeing other responses. Knowledge is powerful =)
  4. JesseO

    Real Estate So, you want to be a landlord

    Sorry to ruin your burger :p
  5. JesseO

    Woman out $400K, Nigerian Scam

    I hate to be so callous but first thing I thought was "She should have known better." What kind of people have this much money and this little common sense? :-\ I feel bad for her, but I feel bad for feeling bad for her.
  6. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC Can your SUV do this...

    Is that how they got such a high skidpad rating? :-P
  7. JesseO

    Inspirational Video

    Loved the first video and sent it to several friends. Saw the second one in school...never did like to cry in front of peers :o
  8. JesseO

    What is Your Heaven?

    I like to drive. A simple cruise around mountains, a nice and easy hike, or a long road trip do wonders for me. I also used to get a kick out of drag racing, but I won't do that anymore unless on a track. All in all, I love a nice long cruise =)
  9. JesseO

    Real Estate The Yellow Stain House (House #4)

    Best of luck my friend. :smxG:
  10. JesseO

    Real Estate Rental Marketing Tricks

    Here's one of our four floorplans:
  11. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC Will UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva EVER be dethroned?

    Re: Will UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva EVER be dethron Gotta agree with Jito on this one. Fedor is an animal. It's a bummer what happened last night with Cote's knee last night, but he was losing anyway. How did you guys like that Sherk fight? I think it was the best one of the...
  12. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC Free tools for banners, logos, buttons.

    If you've got a website, chances are you may not need any of these now. I thought it might be useful though. If you use any of them, PM me and let me know what you think. Top 15 websites to create your free Banner,Button and Logo | TechCityInc
  13. JesseO

    Real Estate I Just Got Back From Looking at a 4-unit I REALLY Wanted to Hate!

    Re: I Just Got Back From Looking at a 4-unit I REALLY Wanted to H So far so good, Bob. Keep us in touch with what's going on with it. I for one am interested in seeing if there are any issues that the seller is hiding on this one! :)
  14. JesseO

    How to "look busy" and keep your day job?

    I prefer to work hard and be available when the boss man calls. Just do your work and do it as complete and fast as possible, and your boss (if competent) will see what you're doing and how you're doing it. If you've got one boss to 100 people, then there's a management issue I would think...
  15. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC Economic (and other) effects of a casino

    Good topic. I don't see a bad thing about casinos, or grocery stores that sell alcohol, or automakers who sell superfast cars. I think it's great revenue for those who want to spend that kind of (bad) money. I went to a casino tonight for the first time in years (3/6 limit poker) and walked...
  16. JesseO

    OFF-TOPIC New 4-Door Lambo?

    I like the idea, but that depends on how much it would cost. Nobody buys an exotic sportscar to drive around with a carseat in the back.
  17. JesseO

    The Scorpio sign

    We don't do astrology stuffs.....
  18. JesseO

    Negotiating Tactics

    Great post JScott! Thanks!
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