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  1. TonyStark

    How legit is 'The $50 Billion Man' Dan Peña?

    As soon as anyone starts yelling I lose interest lol. Calm down
  2. TonyStark

    does anyone need anything?

    a hug
  3. TonyStark

    IMPORTANT! How to add the "Fastlane App" to Your Smartphone

    I thought it was an app on the App Store...
  4. TonyStark

    Did Tapatalk app for this forum stop working?

    What about the ‘most liked’ button, is that gone too @MJ DeMarco ? I’ve been on mobile mostly; have yet to check desktop.
  5. TonyStark

    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    I do. And I work at a company that SaaS’s it.
  6. TonyStark

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    Interesting! I might have to buy this.
  7. TonyStark

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    This is great! I’m gonna check this out right now.
  8. TonyStark

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    I suppose I want to get better at getting my point across in writing and dialogue. I’m starting a new sales job so it would help a ton.
  9. TonyStark


    Do you still own the domain and site? If so just shut it down til he pays you. If you don’t, well that’s your fault for not getting paid first LOL
  10. TonyStark

    Impossible to get digital marketing job without degree?

    Nope. I just got one, and I dropped out. Ask around, and go to hiring events.
  11. TonyStark

    Do what you love?

    There’s always exceptions to the case. But I can’t image being head over a multi billion dollar company being easy.
  12. TonyStark

    How to overcome distractions

    As Elon says, everything our cortex does is to please the limbic system. Lizard brain = limbic system.
  13. TonyStark

    Is online shopping better than conventional shopping?

    Depends on what you're buying. When I shop online I'm looking for something specific. Clothes and anything else I shop for in person.
  14. TonyStark

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    If you think about it everything is just about experiences. You want to experience what it’s like having an expensive car (the popularity, speed, etc), but all it does is just get you from point A to point B.
  15. TonyStark

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    Yeah but taking them everyday is ludicrous. You’re body only needs a few doses if it is seriously depleted. Plus, most of these bottles have an insane amount of mg of each vitamin; way over the amount the body can actually absorb. Taking them everyday is just a product of clever marketing...
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