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  1. Scot

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    Look into Blake’s Seed Based. They recently raised 3/4 of $1M in funding and are hitting this category full tilt. It’s definitely a growing market that’s for sure.
  2. Scot

    I bought another laundromat

    @G-Man looks like I was wrong about the whole laundromat thing! @BrandonS85 definitely following this thread. Very interesting stuff.
  3. Scot

    What is your favorite Landing Page Builder?

    I need to focus on the e commerce side of the business right now. My site was too clunky, slow and looked amateur because I'm not a designer and cant afford to hire someone right now. With my limited skills I was able to make a really nice Shopify site and still keep all the content/pages from...
  4. Scot

    What is your favorite Landing Page Builder?

    It looks great, but jeeeeeez why are landing page builders so damn expensive!
  5. Scot

    What is your favorite Landing Page Builder?

    I'm currently using and it's... adequate. However, I'm switching my shop over from WordPress to Shopify at the moment and looking for a better landing page builder. Here are the things I need. Intuitive drag and drop builder Customizable - not one size fits all templates...
  6. Scot

    Tired of Paying Taxes? Move Your Business to Puerto Rico

    Very cool write up! I saw you moved to PR, but didn't know much on the reasons. Now it makes sense why guys like John Lee Dumas from EOFire moved to PR. And @UnrealCreative I had no idea you bounced to PR too.
  7. Scot

    NOTABLE! You’re not selling wholesale?

    It really depends on who you customer is. If its a large retail chain, they're going to have their own very detailed and involved process, that you will have to conform to. If you're selling to independent retailers... @AllenCrawley or @amp0193 you guys have more experience here.
  8. Scot

    NOTABLE! You’re not selling wholesale?

    Just like @Lucious said, does he have a business name, LLC? If you’re concerned about it, I’d say for new customers that can’t provide a credit report from D&B, they must pay with a cashiers check/certified check. (Maybe wire transfer) Also, why does he want to ship them international? If...
  9. Scot

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    Thank you for continuing to work on this!
  10. Scot

    Hey, what motivational content would you like to see?

    Yawn... If you need to pump yourself up by watching Gary V or Tony Robbins videos to actually get work done, you don't have the mindset to do the work on your own. Unless this youtube channel is strictly a pet project you spend your spare time on, what value are you contributing that the...
  11. Scot

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    This is a really awesome model. But unfortunately, we've already suggested things similar to this to Eric several times. And he finds a way to make an excuse saying he can't do it. But for anyone else planning on starting a baking based business, they should definitely follow this example!
  12. Scot

    How do I implement e-sign functionality in my website, so that user can sign loan agreements online?

    It'd probably be smarter to have it done via email and DocuSign. This way you get their opt in for email marketing, and you use a trusted and legally binding e-sign platform. Signing a loan on a website also sounds sketchy as hell. No one does this.
  13. Scot

    How to contact Amazon sellers?

    Not you derail the thread, I’ve never heard of making a lookalike audience from Amazon customers. This is something I definitely need to look into. We really need to transition customers from Amz to our website.
  14. Scot

    Billionaire Dreams: What Makes You Happy?

    Rhodesia, is that you?
  15. Scot

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    We can be critical while also being civil. No need to be an a$$.
  16. Scot

    NOTABLE! Eric from Erics Cheesecakes

    I have a 19 page thread on how to successfully start a food business and overcome basic FDA regulations for example. I hate to say it, I think @ZCP is being too generous with his optimism here. And I think @B. Cole is closer to the mark. I’ve done extensive research into commercial kitchens...
  17. Scot

    EXECUTION Launching an OTC Drug

    Thanks for the tag @Azure I’m not too familiar with the OTC side, only really for prescription side. But others have mentioned you’re going to have a lot of uphill battle with the FDA and patent office. The one thing that not many have mentioned is that when the words FDA come into play...
  18. Scot

    RANT My brother tried to kill me and my family did nothing about it.

    Following on @Bekit post, a lot of blue collar work does travel and per diem. I know a few years ago a bunch of friends got jobs building a power plant in SC, with zero experience, and makes $30/hr plus lodging and $150/day per diem. Maybe check out jobs in the oil industry. Brother can’t F*ck...
  19. Scot

    Online smokeshop. Yes or no?

    Why not make a smoke accessory shop that’s not for potheads? Check out the show The Profit. He does an episode about the pot industry and visits a dispensary in Colorado that sells like 4 or 5 varieties and makes them classy with names like “Relax” and “Alert” vs names like “pineapple cough...
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