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  1. Danny Sullivan

    How do you become a happy person?

    There's so much good advice in here that there's not much to add to it, besides something that's overlooked by the majority of people all the time: Mental hygiene. This TED Talk might explain what's meant by that. You can also write down a number of things you want to try in your life. The...
  2. Danny Sullivan

    NOTABLE! One Simple Rule That Will 10x Your Results

    Somewhat off-topic, but this reminded me of a AthleanX Video about "Best Effort" which i added for the ones that are interested:
  3. Danny Sullivan

    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    Congratulations on your first car. It means freedom (of movement at least) in some way. Here's my first car and financial mistake anno 2004, a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Probably wasted somewhere between 15.000 and 17.000 euros on this car (including the car itself), but boy was i famous for...
  4. Danny Sullivan

    INTRO From german slowlane to Autobahn

    Welcome fellow countryman. By service area for truck drivers you mean a parking space where they can spend their resting intervals / periods for sleeping etc.? How would that work out? Whenever i'm on the autobahn and head towards one of these services areas, trucks are parking "free and wild"...
  5. Danny Sullivan

    *UNSCRIPTED* Identity Hacking: How to Kill Your Status Quo

    Let me just quote eagleye101's post real quick, because i think it's not getting enough love. Especially the last part is the quintessence to this topic (imo). I experienced this too lately. I noted that i'm getting quite comfortable with my current day job and started to procrastinate things...
  6. Danny Sullivan

    INTRO Hello from Germany

    Another fellow countryman. Welcome aboard the right ship. May i direct you towards some (hopefully) helpful threads in this forum? GOLD! - Save Yourself Years Of Frustration; It Worked For Me! GOLD! - 8 Steps That Will Radically Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less, Guaranteed.
  7. Danny Sullivan

    Ideas to Monetize My Wife's Drawing Skills

    Oh boy... that just sparked an a small idea fire in me. Visit animal shelters and do portraits of hard to impart (is that the right word?) animals (dogs, cats, bunnies, whatever) and paint them in fantastic sceneries. Like a normal doggo howling with a pack of wolfes on top of a mountain infront...
  8. Danny Sullivan

    EXECUTION A Guy Who Never Gives Up

    Hello Almantas, i don't know if it could be beneficial to you, but i put my current training schedule into this thread. I know it got cheesy illustrations all over it, but that way i don't have to translate everything into english and i think it's quite understandable. It's got some tables to...
  9. Danny Sullivan

    Am I Killing it Off?

    @Almantas First of all: Thanks for the rep! I think you beeing the programmer of you own code is vital to see things clearly. It's important - beeing able to detach you from yourself and see things as they are and not how they're supposed to be and be able to adjust and act accordingly. I do...
  10. Danny Sullivan

    Am I Killing it Off?

    Hey Almantas, i'm currently reading Principles from Ray Dalio which contains chapters that might be helpful to you in sorting this out. (This gon' be long, so sorry - but if it provides some clarity all the better) Look at the machine from the higher level Our uniquely human ability to look...
  11. Danny Sullivan

    Not Fulfilled? Depressed? Maybe You Need An Alignment

    Since i'm currently reading Principles from Ray Dalio and there are chapters dedicated to this topic (Find out what you and others are like), i though i'd share his thoughts on the topic (which i find to be very true in all aspects): " Knowing how one is wired is a necessary first step on any...
  12. Danny Sullivan

    OFF-TOPIC The Goodest Boys/Girls... A Dog Thread

    Someone's grandma' used to say: "The dog suits the owner in most aspects" :) @MJ DeMarco First i have to say... it's not my dog. Though i'm walking him voluntarily almost every friday in the shelter he's in. He's a doberman-mix, 4 and half years of age and is suffering from dilated...
  13. Danny Sullivan

    Ideas to Monetize My Wife's Drawing Skills

    While this is true, her pictures could also be scanned and edited on computer with little to no effort (like background erasing etc). I don't think you'd need a subscription to the new photoshop if you can get your hands on an old Photoshop CS3 Version or something similiar. May i point you to...
  14. Danny Sullivan

    INTRO Hi from Germany

    Welcome aboard the right ship and greetings to a fellow landswoman (is this a legit word?). There's so much good and educating stuff that can be done / shared in the fitness and food segment but it's also very satiated with content. I'm interested in what's on your mind regarding these topics...
  15. Danny Sullivan

    GOLD! Just got my Big Break! Jesse James plugging my biz!

    Great progress! Really glad this is working so well for you. Just to give you a heads up for your brandname and it's german heritage. If it's supposed to be the german equivalent of something like "soundhouse" i think you'd be better off by naming it accordingly : Tonhaus. Tonenhaus could (from...
  16. Danny Sullivan

    O/T: HEALTH My Experience Eating Keto/Carnivore

    Just out of curiosity... any vegan ketos in this forum? I been wraping my head around this for a while and it seems manageable except for the high amounts of fat you'd have to take in. And i can't see myself eating avocados and nuts all day long :) I tested this "lazy" the last two days and...
  17. Danny Sullivan

    Understanding The Internet And Its Young Majority

    A young girl was working at our place not long ago. She's like 17 years old and was in vocational training. She never showed up on time. We start at 8.00... she showed up anywhere between 8.00 to 9.30 and was playing on her smartphone whenever she felt unwatched or took a break. As if she had no...
  18. Danny Sullivan

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    Just overheard this in the song "When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies" from Gunship. "Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Don't fear failure." It's simple and strong - i like it.
  19. Danny Sullivan

    Short One Liner That Had A Strong Impact On You

    Great stuff in here. It was in MJ's books, if i remember correctly, "Looking back on life full of regrets sucks." Sometimes i'm speaking to elderly ladies and gentlemens in retirement or nursing homes, and they're often talking in great lengths about things they wish they'd done while still...
  20. Danny Sullivan

    INTRO Software developer in Germany, 40 years old

    Hello fellow countryman and welcome to the forums. What types of software are you developing?
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