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  1. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC If one of the biggest companies in the world has to convince you to not be afraid... i think you should be... TL;DR: google wants you to believe that AI is safe and there's nothing to worry about. Turn autopilot on in your car and read your messages all the way! In other words, google would like to...
  2. Kid

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    One more thing. If you don't know if there is demand (real demand, meaning people with their credit card in hand) then you can do "Landing Page" for your product. The thing is that you don't have to have the product yet but webpage works like shop. When people add to cart, and then go and...
  3. Kid

    Limited Time: Focus on new ads or Focus on adding products to store?

    Without ads you have no traffic.
  4. Kid

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    I think its good idea. Its a niche, it has some existing demand. Its repetitive. The all-allergens-free bar might help much. In the way that you'd have bigger market for start (not just "nut free" bars). You also wouldn't have to invest in separate PR campaigns for each allergen and have it...
  5. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC Like a '99

    Just stumbled upon this cutie County Antrim directory of health clubs fitness and leisure clubs - . Copyright is from 2019 so it assumes being active :cool:. Haven't seen this style in years.
  6. Kid

    Hello fastlane women / mums... are you there??

    There is interesting thread by Carol GOLD! - I Built A Worldwide Business From Broke. (and friendly bump ;) )
  7. Kid

    What are my legal rights of a DBA name sale

    It might be a revenue on selling Intellectual Property (IP). Not sure if DBA counts as one. But if you don't have Operating Agreement or anything else then your partners word that you have 25% of company then it would be tough to force business to pay you your share. (Read: impossible or not...
  8. Kid

    EXECUTION Ready to take outsourced jobs

    Truly&sincerely: good luck!
  9. Kid

    Is Copywriting Dying? - The ClickBait Is A Real Danger

    Same thing happened to "Hacking" and to some extent "programming". Now programmers don't program a thing, they "hack" it. "Hackatons" aren't meetings where you hack bank of america for fun. And the true story. I was in some classes where teacher (rather old in rank and age) told us that here's...
  10. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    I think i had a bad day. Thanks for keeping your head cool :) It seems that in my head those things are interconnected. That one billionaire's donation can lead to something big like mass voting for someone who as president will make education free. My view on education is very critical. I...
  11. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    First, i'd like to thank you for reply and i'd like to mention that i don't write here to disrespect anyone's opinion or point of view. Its true. And there is slight difference. We as entrepreneurs know that there is no free meal. In other words that in the end someone has to pay. The...
  12. Kid

    The science of making habits stick

    You understood correctly. There is a saying that "forever" means "very long time". Since procrastination is what you don't want, i'd suggest you to try to feel how'd you feel if it were too late for you. Like, how would it feel if you were 88 and regret that you haven't painted all the...
  13. Kid

    The science of making habits stick

    If You, for a moment, would not take what will be written below as a de-motivation to paint, then i'll write it as i think it (otherwise please don't read it). Why the heck you need the habits?! I mean, who sold you on idea that you need habits? Maybe all you need is... to paint.
  14. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    I extrapolated what this guy did. It is in a sense like: "what would happen if every student in a nation got bailout (their education or their loan paid for free)?" I'm 60% serious. And here' the reason. Countries that offer higher education for free, moved job markets to the extremes. I...
  15. Kid

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    Free money? History teaches that it equals to one thing - hyperinflation. But going back on topic. If someone will pay 100% tuition then Colleges will rise them by another,say, 20%. Students will pay 20%, billionaires will pay 100%, Colleges will earn 120%. Everybody's happy. :cash::fire:
  16. Kid

    Lex DeVille's - 200 Mostly Offline Rental Business Ideas

    Rent a music studio, recording studio - Studiotime
  17. Kid

    Instagram username debate

    Didn't know that. But still, the name change could confuse users. I'm not big fan of changing brand name...
  18. Kid

    Huawei : How lack of Control hits hard on a bigger scale.

    This. China just got huge incentive to become software superpower.
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