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  1. Davejemmolly

    Patent question

    In most cases, once an idea is in the public realm, be it published or released, its very difficult / impossible to patent it.
  2. Davejemmolly

    The Developer Hourly Rate

    I’ve been quoted anywhere from $25hr (India) to $160hr (local). As I’m not trying to build the next SpaceX, even if my Indian team takes 4x as many hours, I’m still well in front. Plus, they have seemed far more committed to the opportunity than any of the local developers I interviewed
  3. Davejemmolly

    My Little Side-Project has Grown a LOT!

    Or the guys from Kodak, who had the digital camera technology years before any one else, but shelved it, as they were making too much money processing film! oops!
  4. Davejemmolly

    Should I worry about getting crushed?

    Wrong answer! Put your big boy pants on and go for the audacious idea! If you never do it, even if your ‘easy option’ goes well, you’ll forever be wondering if you could have made ‘the big idea’ work
  5. Davejemmolly

    INTRO Hi everyone, here is my short intro & a question...

    I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that Mr Abundant Man does not think much of Mr Kiyosaki's strategy, and by extension, neither should you!
  6. Davejemmolly

    Idea/concept for a current company (not yours)

    I guess its possible that you've stumbled onto a brand new concept, but it stands to reason that someone at Uber (12,000 employees) or Lyft (1600 employees) have already considered it and couldn't make it work! Long story short, I don't like your chances of getting them to take your idea...
  7. Davejemmolly

    The Number 744

    I’m lucky enough to make enough money to pay $340 a week on groceries (plus more for wine). My current slow lane gig pays well, but that’s only because I work a lot of hours. As a contractor, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Whilst the financial benefits are there, it’s not a great way to...
  8. Davejemmolly

    INTRO Hello! Sam Russell - heavy metal guitarist

    Not sure whether this is viable, but given more and more advertising is short video based (Facebook / Instagram) is there a way to create free / affordable 30 second instrumental soundtracks for this use? With an open license style arrangement, this should pull large amounts of traffic to your...
  9. Davejemmolly

    The Number 744

    What kind of position? My current financial position, or where I’m at on my Fastlane journey position?
  10. Davejemmolly

    The Number 744

    Whilst I understand the point you're making about time (and its a good one), I was simply pointing out that in a forum of this scale, there is everyone from 16 year old students who live at home, through to 80 year old veterans who have paid off everything, and likely everyone in between. For...
  11. Davejemmolly

    The Number 744

    Its a great sentiment mate, though a somewhat simplistic generalisation! I spend $1360 ($340 per week) on groceries alone (and that's before wine for the wife!)
  12. Davejemmolly

    INTRO Back on track

    Gross profit? Net profit? Or total sales? Just so we’re clear!
  13. Davejemmolly

    INTRO Hi People!

    Welcome Periwinkle! After 1 thread, 50% of me thinks you’re awesome, but the other 50% has a headache from your energy! Hope you stick around!
  14. Davejemmolly

    INTRO 20 y/o share my (not-so-long) story

    Could be wrong, but sounds like you’re stuck in feature creep, where you continually look for that one last feature before you can launch. If you think you’re stuck, maybe try and simplify your concept and get an mvp (minimum viable product) into the marketplace, and then ask your customers for...
  15. Davejemmolly

    WEB/DIGITAL Ideas for 'Duel'

    Make a western inspired smart phone game.. tone sounds, and you have to tap a random spot on your phone to shoot your opponent as skill levels increase there can be sequences of taps etc. winners of the duel get ranking points etc. you're welcome.. cut me in 5% for the concept!
  16. Davejemmolly

    (From CNN) 6 things you can do right now that'll make you rich

    Personally, I don't fundamentally have an issue with the 'buy a house' argument. It's pretty good advice for 95% of the population, who never have any intention of being anything except an employee. It offers stability, and a form of forced saving, and with a little bit of luck, an asset...
  17. Davejemmolly

    (From CNN) 6 things you can do right now that'll make you rich

    Move to sunny Australia! We run on the Torrens system here (which incidentally is what I thought the UK had... you are the mother country after all). For most mum and dad purchasers, you can purchase the freehold here, meaning you can own it free and clear. Land Tax is only applicable on...
  18. Davejemmolly

    To go big, or to just get by for now?

    ha ha.. I knew I heard it somewhere!
  19. Davejemmolly

    To go big, or to just get by for now?

    I remember reading an article about a millionaire restaurant franchise founder who initially didn't even particularly like his business. Always wanted to do fine dining, and was embarrassed with the food he was selling. Though as people kept buying it, he kept selling it, and as more...
  20. Davejemmolly

    The "Travelocity" of the Outdoors

    Despite not being an outdoorsy guy, I love the concept of a site that would take the 'risk' out of the experience for rookies. I'm assuming you were thinking of going down a 'customer / vendor' rating system (like Uber) to add the level of transparency around the reviews? Run with it, I hope...
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