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  1. MattR82

    *UNSCRIPTED* BRO-MARKETING! (Great Copy Selling Crap Products)

    I don't even like being called BRO lol. You get a pass if you are from New Zealand of course, otherwise... get outta here. I know 1 or 2 people still trying (and sucking) at bro marketing. After all these years, it's sad.
  2. MattR82

    EXECUTION How to Build A Million Download Per Month Podcast (AND WHY)

    What is their social media, IG in particular as you mention, following like?
  3. MattR82

    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    Grim, but a great idea. I personally wouldn't want my family to be stuck paying for an expensive chunk of useless wood and I always hear people say "just buy me the cheapest pine box you can find if it comes to that" lol.
  4. MattR82

    Protecting Design Idea

    As Stephen Key says, "speed to market!!" wins. But that's more to do with inventions and patenting rather than a tshirt design.
  5. MattR82

    The #1 Book You Need to Read If You Want to Retire Early

    haha somehow I'm not sure it's the truth that their regular viewers want to hear!
  6. MattR82

    OFF-TOPIC Anybody Interested In The Indy 500?

    Fell asleep at about 120 laps in or so but it was something like 230 am, gutted to have missed the end. Would been nice to see Willy P give another double bird for his penalty lol but he deserved it I suppose. Satoooooooooo! So close haha
  7. MattR82

    NOTABLE! What's your Lambo? (What are you working for?)

    Yep, screw the lambo. At my last job, they were hanging contract renewals and cutbacks or "window seats" over everyone's heads for about 9 months of the year. Terrible way to live. They would hire newbies during a growth stage that lasted 3 months, then cutbacks came in and they would usually...
  8. MattR82

    Andy shoots the breeze with eliquid

    Reminds me a little bit of that Trey Parker and Matt Stone documentary on the making of a South Park episode. They give themselves 7 days till it goes on the air, otherwise.. it just doesn't work.
  9. MattR82

    OFF-TOPIC Anybody Interested In The Indy 500?

    Dany Ric is drowning in 50 mil a year so no sympathy from me lol. I never expected them to challenge Red Bull anyway, so the only thing that is a disappointment is how boring the inter team rivalry is now. Danny and Max were class! The Renault thing is interesting. Obviously, they have failed...
  10. MattR82

    OFF-TOPIC Anybody Interested In The Indy 500?

    I'm a huge F1 fan and was a bit into indycar back in the Pau Tracy days. Used to love going to see the Surfers paradise race in Aus. Going to the Indy 500 in person would be an experience I want to cross off my bucket list. Bit annoyed Mclaren and Alonso didn't qualify but it was almost worth...
  11. MattR82

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    I don't agree he should have just rolled over.
  12. MattR82

    Product vs Service - Which Do you Prefer to Sell?

    In my case it's more about offering digital marketing services, learning what I can and working/collaborating/outsourcing with people way better than me. Great way to make cash and skills to fund a product venture later on. But I'm definitely doing this with a mind to get out of service as soon...
  13. MattR82

    Product vs Service - Which Do you Prefer to Sell?

    I feel like I'm learning things with service that will help when I one day jump to product.
  14. MattR82

    WEB SCHOOL Webdev - need help

    I know people that still get page builder sites to load in under 1 second. Just need to learn good optimisation techniques and use good hosting.
  15. MattR82

    WEB SCHOOL Webdev - need help

    I wasn't sure because you didn't mention that earlier. I'm the opposite. I like design. Much easier to learn too lol.
  16. MattR82

    WEB SCHOOL Webdev - need help

    Learn html, css,wordpress and design basics (check out the branding designer course from Mor at Flixframe) - then sales from a course like Fox web school (he is a moderator here). If you enjoy coding more than sales and making money maybe then look at getting into development?
  17. MattR82

    How to overcome distractions

    God damn youtube lol. It's my last really bad vice that I haven't managed to kick yet.
  18. MattR82

    INTRO I eat shi* everyday.

    I have noticed successful people I know that don't let things like this get to them do very well. So maybe it's not "eating shit" but just being mature and taking the high road. I wish I could naturally have this personality, but it's something I would have to work on..
  19. MattR82

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    I think there's a difference between minimalist and freeing yourself from consumerism.
  20. MattR82

    OFF-TOPIC Game of Thrones Season 8 Thread (SPOILERS)

    The cinematography was nice I suppose. Other than that it was pretty damn dumb. Super assassin getting trampled gets helped up by skinny cowering mother lol.
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