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  1. Bekit

    INTRO 23y/o, Chronically Ill, Want to Shoot Higher

    I like it. Thumbs up!! The beauty of being a hub is that you don't have to be the expert at style... You can just be the person who pulls together a lot of (sometimes) conflicting information and synthesizes it for people. That is a huge role! I love it!
  2. Bekit

    Best Slowlane Job Recommendations?

    Right now, if you're a skilled worker, you'll be in demand and command a pretty high wage... it looks like for the rest of your life. Google "shortage of skilled workers" and look at all the articles detailing the crisis where machinists, welders, and other skilled trade workers are in short...
  3. Bekit

    INTRO 23y/o, Chronically Ill, Want to Shoot Higher

    Once you have built and attracted an audience by providing valuable content (in whatever format), then whatever offer you put together, you have a ready-made audience listening to your every word. Instead of creating an offer, posting it on the internet, and **crickets**, you have the...
  4. Bekit

    Protein Bar Brand Idea

    No, I don't think you should shift to "all allergies." I bought some grain free protein bars at Costco the other day, and the main ingredient was nuts. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh man, I sure am glad I don't have a nut allergy too. What would I eat???" So it may not be possible for you...
  5. Bekit

    INTRO 23y/o, Chronically Ill, Want to Shoot Higher

    Welcome to the forum, @Hopeful ! Sounds like you have something special there. A couple of thoughts... 1) It's not easy to make money blogging anymore. Not impossible, but not like it was. 2) If you build and attract an audience by providing valuable content (in whatever format), there will...
  6. Bekit

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    But I lived for watching my rep bank grow... :hilarious: OK sorry for hijacking this excellent thread... back to what we were saying...
  7. Bekit

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    Wait a minute... there's no rep listed on users, either. @MJ DeMarco did the Rep+ $$$ go away from the site with the new update?
  8. Bekit

    EXECUTION Private Label Brand selling Ecological House-Hold Goods

    Couple of thoughts... 1) Can you create a product that works? I cleaned houses for a living a while back. I HATED the "ecological" products because they never worked. I had to use TONS more elbow grease to achieve the same result as a nice "bad-for-you" chemical product. Or I couldn't get any...
  9. Bekit

    WEB SCHOOL Question to Copywriters

    I am a full-time copywriter, and I don't do any design work. I don't look for images. I don't choose fonts. I don't write code. I occasionally make design suggestions, but that's about it. I typically hand over my copy to the client in a google doc and let them take it from there to incorporate...
  10. Bekit

    Commercial-look contractors (or working with concrete)??

    I googled "Concrete construction methods" and "concrete construction techniques" and found this kind of cool animation...
  11. Bekit

    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    Boldness. Since the timing of this thread coincides with the bump to @Kak 's ecommerce thread, I couldn't help but notice the boldness of his move. Side note: Realizing that there was a time when @Kak made $30k/year was an eye opening epiphany. I felt kind of the same way a little kid feels...
  12. Bekit

    Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    Whoa. Fascinating. Yeah, I'm an INTP. Huh. So what's up with that? I've never put much stock into the Myers Briggs personalities before, but now you have me thinking. Are all INTP's like this? And is being an INTP confusingly similar to being ADD?
  13. Bekit

    Would appreciate advice on a business opportunity...

    It's a general copywriting rule of thumb that you should have only one call to action per advertisement. Otherwise, people will be overwhelmed and confused. I think it'll also dilute the power and effectiveness of your pitch to have such an assortment of unrelated services in one flyer...
  14. Bekit

    Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    That makes sense. I think there is definitely a chicken / egg paradox in play here. And yeah, I definitely don't agree with using neurotransmitters as a scapegoat - I don't agree with this at all ... I'm definitely not going to consent to my lot in life being predetermined by the genetics of my...
  15. Bekit

    Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    Huh. That gives me something to chew on. Your statement, "are correlated, but not directionally causal," planted a seed of doubt in my mind. Maybe it's an illusion of causality, similar to the person who says, "Every time I go to the eye doctor, I need stronger glasses. I think my glasses are...
  16. Bekit

    Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    I've done a fair amount of experimentation on myself in this area, and I do think it's worth keeping as a tool in your arsenal if you struggle with low motivation. I got started on the topic when I was at my sister's wedding and started chatting with one of the guests. He was a board member of...
  17. Bekit

    How entrepreneurs can learn how to print money...

    Just ran across a stunning example of this, in a product as simple as chalk. One company, Hagoromo, skewed value on chalkboard chalk. Their product was so much better than any other version of chalk on the market that it attracted a cult-like following. Watch these mathematics professors wax...
  18. Bekit

    Anyone Own Racehorses?

    What about that decision today? Pretty crazy...
  19. Bekit

    RANT Fighting Temptation

    Wow. #puke That's worse than I imagined. Standing ovation for sticking to your goals and not letting that temptation push you around. Way to go!! That decision is a win that should be celebrated. No sidewalker would ever understand it, though. What's missing in your marketing?
  20. Bekit

    RANT Fighting Temptation

    If things do turn around and you get an offer of employment, I would read through whatever docusign contract they send you as part of the onboarding process. I turned down signing a contract one time because the language in the contract basically said, "we own anything you create, even when...
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