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  1. Z5 FILMS

    Slowlane Has anyone here been a business broker ?

    Business brokers are no different than real estate brokers. You're selling something in exchange for a commission. There's a couple business broker offices in my town. It would seem to me that there's not much money in them. Listings are few, commissions are low. I would think it would be easier...
  2. Z5 FILMS

    Slowlane Lost my job, now what?

    Spill the beans on what goes on at a dealership, how to get the best deal and how to tell if you're being ripped off, etc. I'd pay money to know the facts.
  3. Z5 FILMS

    Fastlane Yeti Coolers = $100MM in sales

    Just a reminder. You don't have to have an original idea to make a fortune. These two brothers started Yeti Coolers in 2005. They simply wanted a more robust cooler you could stand on and that could take a beating. They did not invent the cooler, they did not reinvent the cooler, just simply...
  4. Z5 FILMS

    Need help finding manufacturer

    You're too lazy to Google "private label supplements"?????
  5. Z5 FILMS

    Getting Your Product into Retailers

    Buyer gets product from you and they pay the shipping. Way too much triangulation and middle men going on any other way and you are just asking for a stack of problems that you will have no control of if you go that route. How do you know what you order is even what came on the boat? I'd hate to...
  6. Z5 FILMS

    Slowlane Look at all the Slowlane haters....LOL

    Was reading this article on Yahoo about this 9 year old girl from Galveston, TX who had an idea for a line of flip flops. Obviously being nine years old, there's not a whole lot she can do. Her dad decided to help her. Long story short, the flip flops came to life and now being sold in Nordstrom...
  7. Z5 FILMS

    Advice for changing Retail business name

    So all of your sofas are custom built and you don't like the name because it sounds "cheap"? Everyone seems to know you as "Sofas 4 Less" and you have great reviews and that's the name people are calling you. You have customers who you have already paid for and are tooting your horn. Keep all...
  8. Z5 FILMS

    Employees come to home?

    Not sure where you live, but a lot of self storage places have small "office-warehouse" on site you can rent also. These will be like a 8x8 office with a 20x20 connected warehouse. Normally no contract, month to month and rent is pretty cheap. $125/MO, or so depending on the unit size, location...
  9. Z5 FILMS

    How to start your own hair care line

    In case anyone is interested in starting their own line of hair care products, here's a video where Steve, the owner of Gable's Cosmetics tells you how. He makes private label products for a lot of companies you see on the shelf. The video is chopped up a bit, but it's still a goldmine of...
  10. Z5 FILMS

    How to get my product in BestBuy, GameStop, RadioShack etc?

    Why waste time chasing Best Buy? Their main competition is Amazon (Amazon is killing them). And it takes nothing to get your items on Amazon. That said, all retail stores have some form of "vendor program" that's a total open door. Everyone from Wal Mart to Walgreens on down has one. There's...
  11. Z5 FILMS

    How my best friend's uncle made his fortune.

    Medallions can cost as much as $1MM.
  12. Z5 FILMS

    The McDonald's or Burger King of HotDogs

    There's: James Coney Island James Coney Island - Houston original hot dogs since 1923, serving great burgers, chili and chicken too! Wienerschnitzel Wienerschnitzel - Premium Hot Dogs and Sausages - Derlicious
  13. Z5 FILMS

    5 and Below?

    Yeah. It's called Wal Mart. LOLOL
  14. Z5 FILMS

    Buying a gas station

    The demand for gas is going nowhere. Especially NOT in 5 years. Maybe in 50 or 75 years. Battery technology is still not that great. They are heavy, toxic and expensive. There's just no reliable cheap replacement for fossil fuels yet.
  15. Z5 FILMS

    Help Me Save Parents' Restaurant - Opened, ZERO Customers

    I would watch every episode of Restaurant Impossible. Great ideas all around. Reality show where Chef Robert Irvine comes in and tries to rescue failing restaurants. I love this show and feel like I'm an expert and know everything...
  16. Z5 FILMS

    Finally Launched E-book & Website! Feedback will be greatly appreciated

    Ditch ALL potty mouth words. Even simply words like "crap" tells me it's an amateur site make by someone really young. Even worse is "STFU".
  17. Z5 FILMS

    WEB/DIGITAL Need advice on starting a video course.

    When making videos, audio quality is more important than video quality. Bad video with great audio looks better than great video with bad audio. Any decent 3CCD chip video camera will be fine. A used Canon GL2 would be a great starter. Whatever you get, you want it to have an XLR audio input so...
  18. Z5 FILMS

    I have a great idea that I want to develop ASAP!!! need advice!!

    It's necessary or nobody can help you. If nobody helps you, you're dead in the water. And I guarantee there's dozens of sites already doing what this idea of yours is. So you might as well say what it is.
  19. Z5 FILMS

    WEB/DIGITAL Affiliate possibilities with Zen Cart?

    I have a small website selling custom die cut decals. I have the site set up with Zen Cart. I was wondering if there's a way to set up an affiliate program to increase traffic and sales? I make a little lunch money from the site. I'm just at a loss of how to increase sales and traffic. I burned...
  20. Z5 FILMS

    Started an Auto Mobile Detailing business this year, help

    I would build a website with loads of good pictures of your work. That's what's going to sell, along with word of mouth.
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