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  1. Mattie

    Working on a website alone and need someone that will help me get the ball rolling.

    I agree. First sign of you're wasting my time. Besides any help one is to be offered is less valuable than what you already know by projecting the idea other people's knowledge is not worth anything in your opinion.
  2. Mattie

    BOOK The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone - Crazy or Brilliant?

    I think it works differently for everyone. I've often had to take a leap of faith without a plan, and it's life pushing you in this direct at times. While I try to make the best choices, other people always have a cause and effect in the process as well. I am a bit more cautious, where some...
  3. Mattie

    What do you think are the most saturated markets?

    This is key. You will always have competition. Usually you have to take the hard hits to make it to the top. Walk through the haters, bad reviews, and not get bent out of shape.
  4. Mattie

    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire pays off graduates' student loans

    I'm not really thinking that way, because you have tons of people in Student Loan Debt, and their is Crisis. You may see a lot of people be cut lose of Student Loans or may not. There are a lot of cultures where people don't pay for college like in America. I see on college in our area in...
  5. Mattie

    Wheels are turning in my brain.

    Wheels are turning in my brain.
  6. Mattie

    Major headache going on 48 hours. :0

    Major headache going on 48 hours. :0
  7. Mattie

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    Ha ha...yes. What more creepiness can we create.
  8. Mattie

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    Something like this. :) View:
  9. Mattie

    How to overcome distractions

  10. Mattie

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Mother's Day

    Thank you. I appreciate it. :)
  11. Mattie

    Thoughts On "Minimalism" And How It Affects Your Fastlane?

    I think it's more about getting rid of the over saturation of consumerism. It really has nothing to do with being an Entrepreneur. It's more a movement of cleaning up the earth of all the trash of materialism. This is coming down to Environmentalism. Which it is bringing in the questions of...
  12. Mattie

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    You're welcome. Since you're in the Netherlands why don't you take advantage of the Nordic Walking I see people doing. How about getting your bike out and riding down some of the bike lanes on the road. There's horse back riding I see. Equine Therapy works well, maybe even visit one of the Horse...
  13. Mattie

    EXECUTION Spoiled Millennial Developing Self-Discipline

    Where do you buy this weed? If it's off the street and not regulated marijuana prescribed by a physician, it can be creating your Mental Health issues due to idea it's laced with what every time you smoke it. There are studies where it causes Schizophrenia, and other mental health issues. You...
  14. Mattie

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    I have to argue with this from experience working as a Nurse Aide. Fortunately, there are brain injuries, different diseases of the brain, which can create things you can't control. There are also Mental Disorders which are much more complicated than just giving them Cognitive Therapy. While...
  15. Mattie

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    First recommendation I would give you is go get a physical from the doctor to rule out any biological issues you may not be aware of. Second make an appointment with a licensed therapist and get evaluated whether you need some kind of medication to help you. Third I would make a plan every day...
  16. Mattie


    Three months is a short time frame. If you have this money, why aren't your renting a cheap apartment and just work a regular job, do your projects on top of it and just take care of yourself. It's not making a lot of sense to me if you stated you have 7 to 8 K in the bank. What did you do with...
  17. Mattie

    Low Dopamine levels and motivation

    The emotional center of the brain, amygdala, and limbic system, is the high way to all addictions. (Dopamine). The world is constantly manipulating their dopamine level by whatever addiction they have through foreign substances, eating, having sex, trance music, gambling, gaming, and extreme...
  18. Mattie

    Dealing with porn and other addictions

    Sounds like you are adventurer, explorer, and perhaps just finding a career which allows you to travel and explore may be your preferred work. I there are many careers which give you this opportunity. You'd just have to do some research. Truck driving for example takes you all over the place for...
  19. Mattie

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    Not a fan of guns by any means. It's sad. I understand it's a growing social issue and social problem that began decades ago with gang violence, school shootings, bullying, and it is a huge part Culture to have weapons and the Military point of view of handling things. It's the way our culture...
  20. Mattie

    FAILURE The Fyre Festival Fraud; Get Rich Fast Providing Perceived Value, Over Actual Value

    I have to agree. I just finished watching the Netflix Documentary. Shows how you can drag everyone into trouble along with you just by the choices you make. Obviously, people were pointing out ahead of time he could have prevented the whole catastrophe just by being honest and alerting people...
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