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  1. WJK

    Has anyone overcome "Competent Self Destruction" as described in Unscripted?

    I have seen this pattern of behavior over and over again. We usually call it "self-defeating" rather than self-destructive. Self-destructive is a person hell-bent on killing themselves. Sometimes they are on the slow train of bad behavior (drugs, liquor, etc) and sometimes they do it quickly...
  2. WJK

    SOLD COMPANY & NET £500k FROM IT - what next?

    Like all questions -- it depends. What do you want to do next? I know that sounds like a lot of money to you. It can take you a long way or be squandered in no time flat. Real Estate is a long term investment. I've been in that business for 43 years. Most of the time, my RE investments...
  3. WJK

    Dealing with procrastination when you're comfortable

    So, your human. Give yourself a break! Here are my thoughts... 1. Creativity takes downtime. When you're too busy, your mind can't work on new ideas. They take quiet and space to come bubbling to the surface. Respect the process. Ask your mind for new ideas when you go to sleep. Keep that...
  4. WJK

    RANT Getting Unscripted at 50! What the hell was I thinking?

    This Fastlane path to success didn't even exist when I was young. And women sure didn't excel in most businesses. The doors were slammed closed to us. So, some of us old dogs have had to learn new tricks as the world changed. You're blessed to be ONLY 44. (At that age, I had just gone back...
  5. WJK

    RANT Getting Unscripted at 50! What the hell was I thinking?

    You can reinvent yourself at any age. 50 is young these days -- you have time to live a whole another life. So, you are changing your paradigm. That takes a great deal of reflection after you have had that jolt of new understanding. Your challenge is to take all those years of experience and...
  6. WJK

    Harvard Online courses

    Good for you. When I was young, one had to go to college or school to get most of this education at a very high price in dollars, location, and time. Now, you can educate yourself for almost free, one snippet of learning at a time. I love all the books and classes that available now. The...
  7. WJK

    Unscripted Wisdom, Beliefs, Memes, More!

    Is this value? Change in business happens at the strangest moments. I just got back from taking a class. For my investment of a trip to Anchorage and a few hours of sitting there, I got a whole bucket of ideas. Maybe it was the two days off -- doing something different from my usual schedule...
  8. WJK

    Retail Strip Center Sold

    Commercial real estate is a whole world within itself. Some markets have been overbuilt for years. And the commercial markets in many areas are contracting due to the internet and shifting shopping habits. I'm very head shy about commercial properties. One of the biggest investment companies...
  9. WJK

    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    I live in Alaska, and we carry a weapon most of the time. It's an "open carry state" where you don't need a permit. The Troopers are 45 minutes from us, so we must handle all types of situations ourselves. And no, I have NEVER drawn my weapon on a two legged critter (a person). Bears, coyotes...
  10. WJK

    Took a sales job, quit after 12 hours

    This is not selling. This is cheating. There's no honor in any of this.
  11. WJK

    Anybody reading fiction??

    I read a lot of fiction when I was young. I haven't read much fiction in the last many years... but, I read or listen to several non-fiction books per week. Taking care of my tenants is like living in a novel. Watching other people's bizarre lives is better than reading a fictional book...
  12. WJK

    Real Estate RE - to sell or to hold?

    ring Check w/ your tax man. My understanding is that you must occupy the property as your primary residence 2 years out of 5. Next talk to both your tax man and your attorney. Check on a rent-to-own-contract (an option) for a buyer, with a caveat that they can't execute the option to buy...
  13. WJK

    Real Estate RE - to sell or to hold?

    Good plan. For tax reasons, you don't need to stay in your rehabbed house that long. You can start looking for a new one in about 2 years. Yes, you'd have to do it all again. It's like having a baby. In the end, it's all worth the struggle. As far as your beach rental goes, the sticking...
  14. WJK

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    I was in Southern California for 30 years. I have retired in Alaska.
  15. WJK

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    Over the years, I have seen some take high-interest hard money loans rather than taking on partners. It was easier and cheaper for them in the long run. Personally, I try to run on cash as often as possible. Very low LTVs (loan to value ratios) is gold in our business. Another source is...
  16. WJK

    Real Estate Investing in Townhomes

    I stay away from investing with other investors. I find that it is like wearing a straight jacket. Part of being successful is being nimble and ready for the next deal. I'd rather go slower in my investment plan than have to drag a bunch of people along with me. Let me give my reasons: 1...
  17. WJK

    How to learn to sell?

    I see being good at selling totally differently. It no about "strategies"... and it's sure not about you being "immersed in what you are saying". It's all about connecting with the buyer. And foremost about using your mouth and ears in the proportion that God gave them to you. Talk little...
  18. WJK

    Real Estate Risky RE Growth Opportunity

    Good for you -- I LOVE the idea of paying down your debt and purging around your house. Run lean and mean. Get your debt down to 0 and hoard your cash for that perfect deal. You can make more money on one "stud-card" deal than you can make a bunch of so-so deals. And the key to buying those...
  19. WJK

    GOLD! STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free

    About FHA. That's a Federal loan program. If you do not live in a property that is financed through that program, it is fraud and the FBI can investigate. Be sure you keep your commitment. I've never had long distance investing work out for me. Stuff happens. I like being close enough to...
  20. WJK

    Real Estate Risky RE Growth Opportunity

    Like all answers -- it depends... Are you going to hold and rent the property? Are you going to flip it? And is your market going up or down, or is it flat? You must to know where you are going to end up before you can answer any of those questions. Only having a 20% profit within a flip...
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