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    Resources for idea generation

    Pivot from them. Change their business model. What if instead of a blog, you turned it into a subscription service and provided people with hot niches they could jump into and make $$$. Or some other business model. View: View...
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    GOLD! 100 Unsexy Business Ideas: Name as many as you can!

    LOL at @Real Deal Denver You've got a chip on your shoulder against those god damn blacks eh? Its their fault you're a loser LOL. Show us your statistic that prove that MAJORITY of government contracts go to blacks. Someone should have banned your "dey toouurk our contract" a$$ a long time ago :D
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    SOLD COMPANY & NET £500k FROM IT - what next?

    I'd go to a casino and put £250k on black and £250k on red at the roulette table. Either way, you win. The other option is to start another e-commerce store and do it again - this time sell it for £5 mil. :)
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    Resources for idea generation

    Its doable. You're just lacking the knowledge, but if you do enough research and you connect with the right people, then you can figure out how to create a service like that. There are research companies out there, how can you leverage their business model and improve on it? Check out this...
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    Resources for idea generation

    Scratch your own ich, solve your own painful problem. Chances are there are others out there with the same problem. Why not set up an agency that researches the internet/world for business opportunities and you call sell those "business ideas" to people for $100 a pop. Each coming with a...
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    Its all good though, just because that company wasn't able to give me good results doesn't mean...

    Its all good though, just because that company wasn't able to give me good results doesn't mean I won't be able to find another one that can provide the results I want. FB (free) reach is dead. To reach your customers you need to pay facebook. Its pay to play.
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    Not selling anything right now. I'm living off the revenue I made before through clickbank. But...

    Not selling anything right now. I'm living off the revenue I made before through clickbank. But I'm in the process of putting together a funnel in order to promote another ClickBank product. Hopefully I'll see some good results from that. When I hire social media agencies, I mainly hire them to...
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    NOTABLE! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    With all due respect, you can reach $1 mil. there are many gurus doing those sorts of figures. Just emulate them. From my (little bit of) research on them - what I've found is that they build ever-green webinar funnels (basically a recorded webinar that makes it seem like its live), they...
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    Is reselling fiverr services a good ideia?

    Was gonna say this^^ but he beat me to it. I say DO IT.
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    INTRO Greetings from Ohio

    Turtles are swell, no? :( Anyways, welcome to the forum.
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    INTRO Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome. I like turtle and turtle accessories. You?
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    OFF-TOPIC The price of success

    Everything has a price. You do have to sacrifice something for something else. Even if you don't think you're sacrificing you're doing it in some shape or form. To become a good at something you need to dedicate (sacrifice) time to practice your craft. To make friends you need to invest your...
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    Get a PhD in behaviorial economics in less than 8 minutes...

    Is value skewing creating 1-3 USPs and then creating another 3 USPs? (unique selling propositions) I wonder what 6 USP I could create that people would value for my digital product funnel. I was thinking about creating a unique character (mascot) and having him be the face of the brand sort of...
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    Is there a solution for this childcare problem?

    There are 3 options. 1) If you are the main breadwinner, then let your wife take care of the child while you bring in the bacon. 2) You hire a child minder that knows how to keep fit / eat healthy. 3) You open up your own centre and if there's a demand for it - you can get other snowflake...
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    Damn girls...

    Dump your girl, and become butt buddies with your best buddy. Problem solved. #landfill
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    Income Store, Legit? (Passive Income Websites)

    Care to give us an update?
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    Velocity Banking

    Yeah, I was watching videos on velocity banking today too and I'm still not 100% sure if it works or not. Check out the comment section and read what that farmer fella says VS walter.
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    My dad is getting screwed

    Your dad is probably not a dumb old man, he knows what he is getting and he is ok with the price. Let the man live his life, he doesn't want to be alone.
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    What Jay Abraham Concepts Have You Used?

    Yeah I remember reading or hearing that cookie business story a few years back. I tried executing one of his ideas in the past - but due to poor execution on my part I got no where. Funnily enough, I'm working with a guy right now that seems to be a decent coder - I haven't paid him a penny, I...
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