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  1. AroundTheWorld

    PUBLISHING Kindle Unlimited... Authors in trouble?

    Readers in some markets are insatiable. I can see them going for this service... allows them to fill their own personal "library" with reading material.
  2. AroundTheWorld

    Once you "make it", how do you get rid of the immature "look at me now" thoughts?

    Yes, for years I struggled with forgiveness too. At the time, I thought it was something that would just happen. I think I was even just passively waiting around for the feeling of forgiveness to come to me. Of course, it never did. I even knew intellectually that forgiveness was important...
  3. AroundTheWorld

    Once you "make it", how do you get rid of the immature "look at me now" thoughts?

    Yes! What Red Said :) Plus... When I have experienced this, I realized with time that getting past this feeling was related to forgiveness. I couldn't get past this feeling of revenge (it is a feeling of revenge, isn't it?) until I was able to first: 1) Realize that the person was doing...
  4. AroundTheWorld

    Your Wealth Standards/ Stages Of Wealth

    Why is this really important? What will you do once you have this information for yourself? How will it change your life? How will you achieve this goal?
  5. AroundTheWorld

    Real Estate I'm a Property Manager - Ask Me Anything

    I am curious to hear what you are doing to make this happen. Property Management can be such a labor intensive business, and the overall atmosphere can be somewhat negative... (people don't call unless they have a problem) that turn over seems to be high, and it is hard to keep employees...
  6. AroundTheWorld

    NOTABLE! Admitting there's a problem is the first step.

    Yes, this... Plus, as much as donations are appreciated and useful, they are just a band-aid on the real needs and challenges of shelters. In a children's shelter in my area, the last thing they need are more toys or clothing items at Christmas. There are plenty of people that provide these...
  7. AroundTheWorld

    GOLD! THIS is why you are STUCK.

    I LOVE this question. And, I'm looking forward to hearing how other people answer it! For me, it starts with living in the moment. This helps me become aware of myself and my values.... both the good and the bad. It also helps me become aware of the person I want to be... Clearing out...
  8. AroundTheWorld

    PUBLISHING How to Write a Bestselling Kindle Book, as told by a Copywriting Legend

    Do it now. YES! Why is it that this is so hard in the world of writing? Thanks for the motivator.
  9. AroundTheWorld

    How do you dial back emotion?

    Learn about meditation and living in the moment. This will do many things for you, but one of the things it will do is help you become AWARE of not only your emotions but your thoughts and how your thoughts have an impact on your emotions. You are human, and that means you are able to be aware...
  10. AroundTheWorld

    Is this a Joke? Getting Punked?

    Nice. LOL. I've been thinking about this lately though. The human brain (and emotions) is so susceptible and pliable. This, when it comes right down to it, is the reason that MLM's (and other bogus money making plans / schemes / systems are still around. There is a always a new wave of...
  11. AroundTheWorld

    GOLD! THIS is why you are STUCK.

    THIS! Yes. This is absolutely true! Rep + to you! Most negative emotions can be traced back to either living in the past or living in the future. Angry? Bitter? Sad? Resentful? This may mean you are dwelling on some past event. That event is continuing to "own" you because you haven't...
  12. AroundTheWorld

    GOLD! THIS is why you are STUCK.

    Money does not change who you are.... it acts as a magnifier... If you are an irresponsible spender when you are broke, you will find your problems have multiplied after you have money. If you are not an ethical person when you are broke, your unethical ways will sink you when you have more at...
  13. AroundTheWorld

    RANT Finished "The Millionaire Fastlane"...NOW WHAT?

    Haha. Fun. BUT NOW, the real work begins! What is your PLAN? What is DRIVING YOU (other than that check you are writing)? Your goals need to flow from that!
  14. AroundTheWorld

    How do you dial back emotion?

    ANGER: Anger is a second emotion. It is covering up something else. If you are "angry" or "resentful" or "jealous" (all second emotions) then.... YOU ARE PLAYING VICTIM. I know. I've been there. If you want to get real, every human has been there. It is part of the experience. The...
  15. AroundTheWorld

    GOLD! THIS is why you are STUCK.

    BECAUSE YOU HAVE IT BACKWARDS... I've noticed a trend. People read the book, they get excited about all the things they want to HAVE, and then they come to this forum asking some version of "What's next?" If you look deeper, you see that they are thinking in terms of: Have. Do. Be...
  16. AroundTheWorld

    RANT Finished "The Millionaire Fastlane"...NOW WHAT?

    Write him a check for $500 (or some number that causes you pain) He does the same - making the check out to you. Set one week goals... each of you. If he doesn't meet the goal, you can cash his check. If you don't meet your goal, then he can cash your check.
  17. AroundTheWorld

    PUBLISHING Amazon visibility for new books.
  18. AroundTheWorld

    PUBLISHING Amazon visibility for new books.

    There is a Ted Talk by the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" about this very thing. She did publish again. It was a flop. AND, it was liberating for her! It freed her from that "pressure" and allowed her to just get back to that creative process. :)
  19. AroundTheWorld


    yes, yes and yes! It amazes me sometimes to think of how far we have come in our society in such a short time. Really, it was not so long ago that women and blacks were suppressed by the same patriarchal system in the south. It has been even less time since we achieved the right to vote and...
  20. AroundTheWorld

    GOLD! Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    Oh, I guess not... I wouldn't know anything about feelings associated with being a mom (she says sarcastically as she reflects on her four children)... In my mind, it is very difficult to have "security" without independence. Why depend on a company, or a boss, or the government for your...
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