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  1. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Been so long since I updated this, still grinding away last month was great $4k revenue but still lost money because of bad decisions and inexperience. Nothing crazy this month as most suppliers took CNY off. Preparing to crush March. Will keep you guys updated.
  2. WinTheDay

    Is there a constant fear in the back of your mind even if you're a successful Entrepreneur?

    This is times 100 If you get comfortable with the fact that you can die at any second you'll start to enjoy life more, instead of living in fear of the future and what could happen. Just focus on getting your FU money, don't worry about all the other what if's, it's all noise man. And think...
  3. WinTheDay

    Help. Girl Issues.

    Bro you're 20, if you focus on yourself and your business you will be able to do what you want when you want to and however you choose to do it. Relax and go secure the bag,if you want to be able to go see her whenever you want use that as motivation to grow the business. Don't rush into...
  4. WinTheDay

    NOTABLE! My opinion of the Amazon Marketplace

    I have been trying to do this as of late, starting to ask myself whats the overarching purpose of my business and not just what products will do good. Tough question but comes with a rewarding answer.
  5. WinTheDay

    My conversion rate sucks. Can I ask for advice?

    Not true. It takes the same amount of effort for the internet to give you $10 as it does for it to give you $100. It's all relative to the person. It's groups of people that will "shell out" $100 with no hesitation but be reluctant to buy something online for $10.
  6. WinTheDay

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    Question though...seeing how during the 2008 recession I was only in 6th grade I don’t really know what even happens during a recession. Outside of jobs being lost and jobs being harder to find I don’t really know much else. What really goes on? Outside of the famous phrase “it’s a recession”...
  7. WinTheDay

    Are You Weak? This Exercise Will Show You

    The key is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  8. WinTheDay

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2018-2019?)

    It seems that as the weeks go by this topic keeps coming up in various forms..for instance just today in my University class my programming professor took some time out of lecture to lecture(oh the irony) the class on how he believes that an recession will come within the next 2 months - year...
  9. WinTheDay

    I've made the decision to make millions and Travel the world, where to start?

    Never leave the scene of a decision without taking an action.
  10. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Quick update...been bust with finals and semester coming to an end and planning my 2 week stay overseas. Ended up changing directions and closing my last store to focus on a new direction. New store has been up and running since maybe 2-3 weeks ago. Made my first couple sales this past...
  11. WinTheDay

    Is Marriage Part of the Script?

    I think marriage is apart of a different script. I think there can be multiple scripts. The financial script that everyone knows about but I think there is a script that gears towards this topic. I believe just because you can break the monetary script and amass wealth doesn't mean you are...
  12. WinTheDay

    The Benefits of College (other than making you more likely to get a job)

    You get to meet really cool people from all walks of life. Immense opportunities offered to you just because you are a college student. - A few of my early on business deals came because I told them I was a college student and they liked the fact that I was in school and working on that...
  13. WinTheDay

    How do you compete with other 45,567 businesses?

    Good question and it is easy to understand if you look at in a different way. Instead of taking those list of companies and saying you choose one...ask yourself WHY you choose them. I choose Apple because I love the UI and ecosystem. I choose Powerade of Gatorade because it tastes better. I...
  14. WinTheDay

    Can Shopify rip me off?

    I never heard of them doing such a thing and I doubt they would, but why don't you try it out and let us know?
  15. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Taking Walt's advice of Supplier>Retailer> Validate Spoke with a suppler and can get 20 samples items for a reasonable price, also found a retailer that I will test the market with. Will run tests and if item is validated I will place that order. In the mean time I will look for more...
  16. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Damn didn't even know that lol. Is there anyway to actually know how much someone is moving on amazon?
  17. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Actually I never looked at it in that perspective and I thank you for taking the time out to provide a helpful insight. My biggest fear was always getting stuck with unmovable inventory but if I can negotiate a very small sample order then I guess its worth a shot. I will try both of your...
  18. WinTheDay

    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    Say I have a FB ad where I took the product added a cool background and etc with photoshop. Should I use the same AD image on my Product Page?
  19. WinTheDay

    EXECUTION A Slightly Different Approach To Ecomm

    Thought a lot about when would be the best time to start this execution thread. I thought about after I started raking in lots of money but then a lot of people would miss out the smaller steps it took me to get to that point. So I just decided to start it today. Currently running my own...
  20. WinTheDay

    What Are The Best Altcoins To Look Out For In Cryptocurrencies?

    You guys should see if you have any local places to buy BTC, that way you avoid the most fees. I use LibertyX to find a local location that sells BTC they actually have very low fees and then send directly to exchange. As some of you mentioned I'm heavily into VEN at the moment, I found out...
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