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  1. Julius Alba

    INTRO Made $10,000 But Just Starting Out (My Humble Beginnings)

    Thank you for the nice introduction... you inspired me to seek more and pursue development in all aspects. Sure, there's no way but progress. You'll definitely have the help that you need here. Lots of incredible and awesome mentors in this forum. Cheers!
  2. Julius Alba

    You Can Die Today Wasting Time on BullSht

    Damn it! This is so much of a gem! Thanks man! The idea of not having enough to finance my startup has been bogging me out. I've been doing worthless stuff ever since --but I know it's my call. Again, this is a very great help!
  3. Julius Alba

    Running around highways

    Running around highways
  4. Julius Alba

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Still reading!!! Pretty interesting and fun! Yey!
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