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  1. Vadim26

    INTRO Better Late than never

    CAD designer checking in here... Wow , what an exciting story and a great product you've got here I am a young fella, and also work in the engineering field doing CAD design all day. Did Sheet metal design before and now working with plastic products as well..It must have been an interesting...
  2. Vadim26

    Starting a Toy Business

    I am a Mechanical Designer by occupation and here is just my 50c. Learn how to use Solidworks by watching tutorials. Make a model, drawing, whatever you need - bring it to the local engineering company and ask if they can make a prototype for you. You could always hire a designer on Fiver, but...
  3. Vadim26

    MEETUPS Vancouver / Seattle

    Also open for a meetup , 1 or 1 or a group if we all manage to get together. I live in Langley [emoji23] but open to Surrey/Burnaby or even DT some time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Vadim26

    EXECUTION Journey to $50k/monthly [On track to $20k/month]

    Thanks, I've got couple of questions. What is your process for finding products to sell and how do you differentiate yourself from competitors? Do you add any value to the products made by manufacturer (i.e.: fixed defect, improved material quality etc)?
  5. Vadim26

    Instagram Management: How I manage a few clients' Instagram and make almost $8k/month

    Hey did you end up releasing that course on Instagram Management that you mentioned? I'd be interested if it's available
  6. Vadim26

    MEETUPS Vancouver / Seattle

    I am down Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Vadim26

    The best job for an aspiring entrepreneur? [Serious]

    Intro: Your job affects your personal relationships, health and happiness. It's very hard to be happy if your job sucks. People doing what they love tend to take better care of themselves, and overall are more happy. I work as a mechanical engineer and find my work to be very boring and...
  8. Vadim26

    Post your product opportunities at Amazon

    Bump. Here are my tips regarding products research: 1) Find products which you can build a brand around. Can you find products that relate to each other? (5 or more) 2) Can you teach / build content around your products? Make sure market is not only buying products, but also consuming content...
  9. Vadim26

    INTRO How Amazon Ruined My Life

    So many golden nuggets in one thread shared by real experts Bumping it up so newbies like me could also learn and not follow generic BS advice "amazon lemmings" teach
  10. Vadim26

    NOTABLE! Finding motivation when you have a 9-5

    Is there a possibility for you to work remotely? Try checking a section on Remote Work in "4 hour work week". Tim gives practical steps on turning your 9 to 5 into remote work schedule, also with a script on how other person he gave advice to did it. I've negotiated remote work schedule with...
  11. Vadim26

    EXECUTION Building an Amazon FBA Business During College

    Any updates? Curious as to where this business end up going after half a year
  12. Vadim26

    EXECUTION From Zero to Hero

    @ZCP Mad respect to you for taking the time to help the OP. You responses have been immensely helpful. @raad182 Will you join me or continue the action fakery? See you on the INSIDE
  13. Vadim26

    WordPress or Learn to Code?

    Can't contribute with anything, but wow, I wish every question here on the forum was like yours. Instead of people creating a thread and asking: "How do I create a website?" in a 1-line sentence style
  14. Vadim26

    MEETUPS Vancouver / Seattle

    Reviving the thread. Anyone here from Vancouver?
  15. Vadim26

    What habit changed your life?

    *Being 100% responsible for everything you do* has helped me tremendously - bad job - don't blame the economy, it's YOU who are at fault; - not satisfied with the relationship - it's not "happens to everyone", but YOU who left it stagnant. Take full responsibility, and lead life, not the...
  16. Vadim26

    NOTABLE! Moving the Needle on Probability

    Very motivating and you did an awesome job illustrating how probability of success works! Well, excuse me .. now, I'm gonna go and increase my probability of financial freedom by tiny bit by working on the prototype.
  17. Vadim26

    How should I do the design process?

    @Will-v-the-World I've stumbled on this thread because I have the exact same problem now. Either to design the product myself (which seems a bit too complicated to me with my knowledge base) or hire professional engineers. Curious to know what stage are you at now? ..wait and you are only 16...
  18. Vadim26

    New Gadget

    It sounds like your design isn't too complicated and can be explained easily to someone over the web. What I would do is to hire some indian worker from Fiver. Just search for this words "CAD design", "Solidworks" etc..
  19. Vadim26

    Your favourite Fiverr for CAD/Designing your invention

    I am at the same stage, but my product requires knowledge beyond my diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Most of my work is in CAD software, so I can help you make a CAD model for free if it's something simple :) PM me
  20. Vadim26

    5 seconds to validate your idea

    I think the link you mentioned in your first post is broken
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