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  1. razzhimself


    I've read it , it covers some details from 'the millionaire fastlane' and definitely sharpened my understanding in some aspects . excellent book.
  2. razzhimself

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the book and will definitely read it again! A real eye opener.
  3. razzhimself

    What to do while learning?

    Really appriciate your response . I know for sure i need to start taking real action in order to learn deeply all different values and lessons. If you have something to add like impactful posts on the forum or any other advice, I will be more than grateful :)
  4. razzhimself

    What to do while learning?

    Hi, Just posted an introduction post a while ago. I've started learning Programming (Java) and some NPD Concepts towards my idea. But now it seems like nothing goes and i mean by getting experience while I'm just learning. Should I do something beside have a regular job. like a quick side...
  5. razzhimself

    INTRO Chapter one

    Hello there, first of all I'm so glad to introduce myself in this huge community forum of likeminded people that chose their path wisely. I just finished high school a year ago, one of the most painful but full of learning period of my life. learned about people behaviour,how my mind works,the...
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